Nursery rhymes – the beloved lyrical stories of childhood. But there is so much more to these rhyming stories and songs than just entertaining children. These timeless rhymes and melodies are instrumental in laying the groundwork for literacy by introducing young learners to language patterns, rhythms, and rhyming structures. But the fun with nursery rhymes doesn’t stop there! We can continue to use nursery rhymes as the starting place for a variety of reading, language, and creative activities with students of all ages. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you how you can infuse the magic of nursery rhymes into your library sessions! Benefits of Using Nursery Rhymes Including nursery rhymes in our school libraries gives us a wealth of educational benefits that span early childhood development. There are the obvious benefits connected to pre-writing skills like learning to rhyme and developing an understanding of language structures. But the
I’m always on the lookout for ways to sprinkle engaging learning activities into our library space. When our little learners stroll through the doors, it’s not just about finding the right book. We are also crafting an experience that enhances what they’re soaking up in their classrooms. If you’re looking for something new to add to your days in the library, you’re in the right place. Let’s chat about educational learning apps and how they’ll be a total game-changer in the library! Educational Learning Apps in the Library We have to admit that screen time gets a bit of a bad rap. But, what if those digital adventures could actually complement and extend student learning? The educational learning app lineup I’m sharing with you today is the answer to that question! These apps turn screen time into valuable learning time that supports what students are doing in the classroom.
As a school librarian, I enjoy witnessing the impact that cultural exploration can have on students of all ages at my school. Today, we are going to go on a literary journey into the vibrant traditions of the Chinese New Year. It is a celebration brimming with significance and rich details. Diving into the details of this festive occasion might seem daunting for some of our readers! Through the magic of picture books and chapter books, we unlock the gateway to a captivating learning experience. These literary treasures weave compelling storylines but also enchant with vivid illustrations. Let’s jump into the Chinese New Year books full of pages of enchanting tales that foster an appreciation for diversity and cultural awareness among our eager learners. Why Should You Use Chinese New Year Books? Diving into the spirit of Chinese New Year is more than just adding festive decorations. It’s about
When I became a librarian, I scoured every nook and cranny for resources that would not only impact but also add a dash of excitement to the reading experience for my readers. The goal? To make our library a place of anticipation and joy with each visit. I also wanted to support my fellow classroom teachers by providing resources, that aligned with the skills they practiced in their classrooms. However, I had a hard time finding tools that fit my needs. That’s how my free resource library came to be! As I navigated the ropes of being a school librarian, I started creating special resources to fill the gaps. These resources can all be found in one convenient place – my Free Resource Library! Join me by signing up for my free resource library, where you can discover a treasure trove of materials that have enriched my journey. You’ll
Welcome to a world where literacy meets melody, and young minds embark on a harmonious journey of learning and joy! In the school library, the magic of books comes alive not only through the pages but also through the enchanting tunes and playful fingerplays. Incorporating library songs and fingerplays into library time for young students creates an immersive, multisensory experience that fuels their love for reading and visiting the school library! Ready to take library time for young learners to a whole new level? If so, I know you’ll see the tremendous value in using library songs at your school! Join me on this musical adventure as we explore library songs that will turn ordinary library classes into learning symphonies. You’ll be rewarded with laughter while growing the curiosity and imagination of young readers. 6 Library Songs That Are Perfect for Primary Students 1. Parts of a Story by
The Caldecott Medal award winner will be announced on January 22, 2024, which means it’s time for my predictions on which book will take home the top prize and who will be runner-up. The ALA awards are given out sometime in mid-January. Members of the Caldecott committee work hard all year to choose the book they think is deserving of this distinguished award. Members of the committee read thousands of picture books throughout the year. Then they must narrow their choices down to 7 titles each. Once they have this much smaller list, they spend hours debating about which book should receive the top honor. Every year I always come up with my own list of titles that I believe will be contenders. This year I have come up with 15 books that I believe should be on the list (although I have not read nearly as many as