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When I first became a school librarian, I bought a teacher planner at a teacher store. I loved the bright colors and cute graphics and thought it would keep me organized all year. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that the planner was not what I needed. It was made for classroom teachers, not librarians. I tried a few others over the years, but nothing worked for my specific needs. I do not need to keep track of student data or their IEP information or their test scores. So that’s when I decided to make my own school library planner.

I could customize it any way I wanted and only include pages that would help me. Once I realized how much I loved the planner and how useful it was, I wanted to share it with other librarians. So I added it to my TpT store and it quickly became one of my best-selling products.

What is in the school library planner?

The librarian planner is over 300 pages. It includes a .pdf document as well as many editable pages. I have had customers tell me that I included pages that they didn’t know they needed until they bought my planner. And what’s great about a digital product is that you only print the pages that you need. So what is in the planner?

Cover Pages and Spine Labels


Two-page calendars for each month as well as some weekly and monthly planning forms. Update: the calendars are now editable! and all of the planners are updated through school year 2024-2025

Lesson Plan Templates

There are 3 different templates: 6 subjects, 7 subjects, and 8 subjects.

Miscellaneous Pages

Parent/home contact log – keep track of when you call parents about a student. In my school teachers document every parental contact in PowerSchool, but specials teachers do not. 

Library discipline report – fill this form out and send it home with the student when there is a behavior incident in the library. There is a place for a parent to sign. This way you can make sure that the parents are notified about problems their child is having in the library. 

Behavior log – fill this form in with any discipline or behavior incident that occurs in the library. 

Reports – keep track of your circulation statistics, library activities, classes visiting the library, books added/deleted and fees collected.

Surveys – 2 staff surveys to find out how teachers use the library and ways the library can support classroom instruction. 5 student surveys – the surveys can be used with multiple grade levels including your youngest students. They mostly focus on their reading interests.

Booked for Birthdays – This is a very popular program with parents that I use every year. Parents will pay for a birthday book for their child. The book is a library book but it has their child’s name inside. There is a letter to send home to parents about the program and pages to keep track of what students are participating in the program. These are the forms I use in my library. They are editable.

Book fair planning pages – keep track of some of your book fair details with 3 different pages

And many more: password list, volunteer list, to-do list, professional development tracker and meeting notes.

library planner
School library surveys

Editable Pages

There are many pages that you can edit yourself. When you purchase the planner, there is a separate folder for the editable PowerPoint pages. You can only open these files with PowerPoint. I embedded all of the fonts into the files so you do not need to download them to your computer. Once you open the file you will click where it says “edit text” or in any section that has a text box. You can add your own text, change the wording or use a different font or color.

Note: none of the images in these pages can be changed. The only thing that can be edited is the text (this is due to copyright restrictions). A list of the editable pages is below.

  • About Me page
  • Behavior report and discipline log
  • Book fair black and white pages
  • Book fair color pages
  • Booked for birthdays (letter and the planning pages)
  • Collaboration forms
  • Cover pages and spine labels
  • Lesson plan templates
  • Misc. black and white pages (volunteer list, password list, professional development tracker, meeting notes, yearly plan for each grade)
  • Misc. color forms (same as above but with colored backgrounds)
  • Ordering ideas (I inserted a table so you can type in your ideas. The table can be deleted if you want.)
  • Peek at the week and peek at the month
  • Reports
  • Blank library schedule with a table inserted, you can edit the table, delete it etc. to suit your needs

School Library Planner Themes

There are four different themes. They are all identical in content, just have different colors, backgrounds, and graphics. The black and red planner has some slight differences than the other three. This is a more print-friendly option if you need to save on color ink. And there are fewer pages because there are no color options. Everything else is identical. 

Chevron Planner

Watercolor Planner

Superhero Planner

Black and Red Planner

Cactus Planner


“I have been looking for this for YEARS!!! I needed a way to be organized, but you librarians know that the teacher planner isn’t always the perfect resource.  Well, Librarians, LOOK NO FURTHER!!!  This is the DREAM planner.  I literally salivate over it when I open it.  I almost want to sleep with it, I love it that much.  GOODBYE UNORGANIZED LIBRARIAN!!  :)”

“Love, love, love. This is a great resource. You included many items I’ve had vague ideas of implementing but hadn’t fully realized (like the birthday book club). This will be perfect for getting myself more organized this year.”

“I love this! I’ve had such a hard time finding the perfect planner this year. They never have just the right things or they are ugly. I was really surprised how many options you included. I’m really fond of the fact you gave multiple versions of planning sheets. I’m a librarian in a K-8 STEM school and what works with isn’t the same as what works with 4-8. Great product!”

“Wow, after many years as a media specialist, I am so glad that I’ve found you.  This is more than I could ever use, but everything I have ever wanted!  Thank you!!!”

“This bundle is amazing!  I purchased it last year to help keep me organized and it did not disappoint.  I loved being able to use the existing binder covers and pages but also being able to customize the covers that were not included.  There were some pages that I didn’t use so I just didn’t print them out.  Each year is different so I appreciate having the updates so I can reprint as needed.  It’s difficult to find quality library materials and resources and this is perfect. Great product!”

Looking for a digital planner? This library planner is in Google Slides and includes many of the same planning pages as the print planners. You can also print any pages that you want so you have a paper copy.

You can also purchase these planners from my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking this link.

6 Responses

  1. Your planners look really nice. I was wondering if the lesson plan pages are editable? Or is there a blank frame where a table and graphics may be added? Thank you!

    1. Yes, the lesson plans are editable. I have inserted tables onto each page. You can delete the tables or re-size them to fit your needs. You can also add graphics as well. They come in an editable PowerPoint document.

  2. I love this idea. Question though, once you print the pages how do you keep together? Do you put in a binder or do you bind it yourself? What do you find is easiest?

    1. I usually print mine out and put in a 3 ring binder. I know a lot of people will send their planners to Staples or an office supply store and have them bind it for them. Also, you can use a lot of ink printing off all the pages, so it may be more cost effective to send it out to get printed and bound. I think it’s really just a personal preference.

  3. Does the digital planner have everything the other planners do? I am trying to see what the difference between them other than the format is. Thanks- love your stuff.

    1. The digital planner does have most of the same pages. The Booked for birthdays section is not in the digital planner. And the digital planner does not have any black and white pages like the print ones do.

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