The Ultimate School Librarian Survival Kit

The ultimate school librarian survival kit!

Working as an elementary or middle school librarian is an extremely rewarding job. It can also be stressful and leave you with little time to complete the day-to-day tasks that are required of you. My mega school librarian survival kit bundle provides you with everything you need to successfully meet the demands of a new school year.

What is included?

School Librarian Planner

This is a planner designed specifically for the school librarian! There are over 300 pages to help you keep organized. It includes .pdf pages and customizable PowerPoint pages. You can organize the binder in many different ways. You can create one large binder or several smaller ones. There is one school librarian survival kit that comes with the chevron themed planner and one that comes with the watercolor planner.

Book Care Activities and Reminder Notes

Teach your students how to take care of their library or classroom books with this activity pack.  Includes sorting cards (pictures and sentences) and a mini book for students to color and complete. There are also two editable parent letters to send home. The reminder notes are also editable and can be sent home to remind parents when their child’s library book is due back. They come in color and black and white.

Library reminder checkout notes from my school librarian survival kit!

Library No Prep Printables – Bundle

This bundle includes  almost 150 pages of printables that you can use all year long.  They cover a wide range of library skills including call numbers, fiction and nonfiction, genres, the Dewey Decimal System, reading and comprehension skills, reference materials and many more. You can use these worksheets with grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

Dewey Decimal Task Cards Bundle

Five different sets of Dewey Decimal task cards to teach and review the DDS with your students. Each set is unique and provides a fun and engaging way to help your students learn how to find nonfiction books in the library.

Exit Tickets for the Elementary Library Grades K-5

Exit tickets provide a quick way to check for understanding and to plan future instruction and reteaching of library skills. There are 25 exit tickets for grades K-2 and 35 for grades 3-5.

Library Substitute Binder & Lesson Plans

Make planning for a substitute easier with this library substitute binder. There are editable binder pages, cover pages, lesson plans, worksheets and activities – over 100 pages! The lesson plans and activities are great to use as emergency sub plans. The lessons are for Kindergarten – 5th grade so all of your classes will be covered. 

Cool Cat Library Decor Set

Library decor from my school librarian survival kit

Decorate your library with this set of cool cat posters. There are over 100 pages of posters. The posters come in landscape and portrait orientation and with a multicolored chevron background and a yellow chevron background. I have also included a set of editable PowerPoint files so you can add your own text. The editable files do not include any of the cat images on them, just blank posters. I embedded the same font into the pages so you can keep a uniform look. The word wall has 122 library word wall cards. Just print the cards, laminate, cut in half and display. There are 2 words per page. I have also included header cards (A-Z). The words are all library vocabulary that I cover in with my students each year. 

Want even more customization in your school librarian survival kit?

Customize your librarian survival kit

Purchase the custom bundle and pick your options. Choose your planner: chevron, watercolor, black and red theme, superhero, cactus theme or the digital planner for Google slides. Pick your décor set: Cool Cat, Neon and Chalkboard, Pineapples, White Emojis, Color emojis, Bee Theme, Pineapple Theme, Maps Theme or Forest Theme.

Once your purchase is complete, you will download a document with a link to a google form. On this form you will include your email address and select which planner and decor pack you would like. Once the form is submitted I will email you a special Dropbox link. This link will allow you to download all of the files to your computer. You do not need Dropbox installed on your computer to download the files and you will be able to download them as many times as you need.  You will receive the link within 24 hours of purchase, but usually it is within hours.

Customer testimonials

After teaching in the classroom for seven years, I am about to embark on the next phase of my educational career as a librarian! I am excited and nervous…I was also feeling a little overwhelmed until I saw these amazing resources. Thank you so much for helping me feel more prepared for next school year – my first year in the library!

-Happy customer #1

Loved this product and found it very helpful. I’ve been a librarian for several years but just started as a librarian at a new school and wanted to be more organized than I’ve been in the past. The planner is very helpful and the other resources are great for new librarians as well as experienced librarians who are looking for some new, fresh materials to work with. Definitely recommend this product!

-Happy customer #2

Wow. I am just overwhelmed with gratitude right now. Your bundle is absolutely fantastic! The contents are cute, appropriate for my students and high quality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This 1st year librarian is a happy girl!

-Happy customer #3

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