Summarizing and Paraphrasing Activities and Task Cards


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Paraphrasing and summarizing are skills that are difficult for many students to understand This activity pack is designed to help teach these skills to your students and provide them with practice so they can begin to master these skills. I also included some note-taking activities as well.

What is included:

  • 8 posters/anchor charts
    • Paraphrasing definition
    • Summarizing definition
    • How to paraphrase
    • How to summarize fiction text (SWBST)
    • How to summarize nonfiction or informational text
    • Differences between paraphrasing and summarizing
    • 2 note-taking posters (note-taking tips and the difference between Wow! notes and Blah! notes)
    • 3 summarizing worksheets/graphic organizers
  • Identifying the main idea/important details in a text
  • 2 paraphrasing worksheets
  • 3 note-taking worksheets
  • 40 task cards (recording sheets and suggested answer keys included)
    • 2 paraphrasing task card sets (12 cards in each set)
    • 12 task cards ask students to paraphrase 1 sentence
    • 12 task cards ask students to paraphrase a short passage
    • 2 summarizing task card sets (8 in each set)
    • 8 multiple choice task cards (students choose the best summary of the passage)
    • 8 task cards that ask students to write a summary of the passage in 12 words or less



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