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Teach your elementary students how to take care of their library or classroom books with this book care activity pack. This can be used in a school library or a classroom and is perfect for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades.

What is included:

Sorting Activities:

  • 20 picture cards for students to sort (things they should do with their library books and things they shouldn’t). Comes in two different sizes (2 pictures to a page and 4 pictures to a page)
  • 20 sentence cards that match the pictures (comes in 2 different sizes)
  • 8 page mini book for students to cut out and color. The minibook reviews the different book care rules. The last page comes in 3 different options.
  • Editable book care cards
  • Editable letters to send home to parents letting them know when their child has an overdue or damaged book

Suggestions for use:

Have students sort the picture and or sentence cards under the correct column. If the picture shows something that they should do with the books it goes under the “Yes we do” column. If it is something they should not do it goes under the “No we don’t” card.

List of book care rules:

  • keep out of the rain
  • keep away from babies
  • keep away from pets
  • do not cut or glue in your books
  • keep away from food and drink
  • do not color in the books
  • do not write in the books
  • do not take your books on the playground
  • do not leave your books on the bus
  • do not lose your books
  • do not rip your books
  • read with clean hands
  • use a bookmark
  • read with a friend
  • stay quiet in the library
  • return books on time
  • keep your books on a bookshelf
  • keep your books in a bookbag

Terms of Use

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