Destiny Library Catalog Introduction and Review


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Teach your students how to use the library search catalog Destiny with this activity pack. Students will learn the basics of a catalog record, the difference between a keyword and subject search and have a chance to practice their searching skills.

What is included:

  • One introduction worksheet. Includes a sample Destiny record for students to answer questions about. This worksheet is listed 4 times in the PDF file. The only difference is the call number in the top right corner of the library record. Different call numbers: F PI, Fic PI, Fic PIE, blank (write your own call number before you copy)
  • Worksheet to teach the difference between a keyword and subject search
  • Assessment worksheet
  • Five Destiny scavenger hunts. Students will need to search Destiny to complete each scavenger hunt activity.
  • 18 task cards for students to use to practice using Destiny
  • Destiny search slips and book hold request slips
  • Editable PowerPoint files for the task cards, search slips and hold request forms


I tried to vary the search types and questions to provide students with more practice. I also tried to keep them generic enough that they can be used with any school’s library catalog.

**This product has undergone a complete update. I changed every search question. I also added the scavenger hunt worksheets plus the search and hold slips. Please download for the updates.


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