Chromebook Rules Posters {Editable}


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Display these fun, colorful posters to help remind your students how to take care of their Chromebook.

List of posters:

  • I will carry the Chromebook with two hands.
  • I will only use the Chromebook with clean hands.
  • I will not walk around the room with the Chromebook.
  • I will keep the Chromebook flat on my desk.
  • I will raise my hand and wait quietly when I need help.
  • I will only go to apps and website approved by my teacher.
  • I will return the Chromebook to the correct spot.
  • I will plug the Chromebook into the charger when I am done.
  • I will always treat the Chromebook with respect.
  • I will not leave the Chromebook on the floor.
  • I will sit down while using the Chromebook.
  • I will not take a picture or video without permission.
  • I will not add or delete apps on the Chromebook.
  • I will share the Chromebook with my friends.

Note about the editable posters: there are several different backgrounds to choose from. I embedded the same font into the PowerPoint so you can keep a uniform look. You must have PowerPoint on your computer to open. All you have to do is click where it says “Edit Text” and add your own text.

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