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This nonfiction text features activity pack will teach your students everything they need to know to identify, understand and use different non fiction text features. With the Common Core’s increased focus on nonfiction, these activities will be helpful in making sure your students master these ELA standards.

List of text features covered

  • table of contents
  • title page
  • captions
  • glossary
  • index
  • headings
  • diagram
  • labels
  • types of print
  • charts and graphs
  • maps
  • keywords
  • insets and sidebars
  • subheadings
  • timelines
  • text box
  • bullets
  • hyperlink
  • illustrations
  • photographs

What is included:

  • Set of 20 nonfiction text features posters
  • 2 assessment worksheets. Each one reviews 10 different text features.
  • 2 nonfiction text feature scavenger hunts that can be used with any nonfiction book
  • Text features sort – students will match text feature examples of its name and definition. There are 12 text features reviewed in this sort.
  • 9 graphic organizers/worksheets about the text features. These can be completed with any nonfiction book.

Worksheet Topics:

  • How to use a glossary
  • Types of print
  • Table of contents
  • Headings
  • Reading a chart
  • Reading a graph
  • Overview of several different text features

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