Internet Safety Posters and Activities K-2


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Teach your youngest students how to stay safe online with these posters, worksheets, and minibook. Students will learn how to be responsible digital citizens, what makes a strong password, what to do if they are being cyberbullied and what information is safe to share online.

What is included:

6 posters about staying safe online and cyberbullying. There is also a certificate that says “I am a super digital citizen”. There are 2 different color versions and 1 black and white that students can color.

4 worksheets/printables

  • Page 1: Private Information Students will color an emoji for each question If the information is private information they would color a frown, if it is not private (and ok to share online) they color a smiley face
  • Page 2: Perfect Passwords Students will read a brief passage about passwords and what makes a strong password Then they will answer 6 true or false questions about passwords
  • Page 3: Stay Safe Online Cut and paste worksheet Students will cut out the phrases at the bottom and paste them in the correct category (safe or not safe)
  • Page 4: Be Respectful Online Top of page: students will answer 4 fill in the blank questions about being respectful and cyberbullying (very simple) Bottom of page: a sample message that is written meanly. Students will answer questions about the message (all answers will be circled)

Mini Book

  • Cover page (digital safety)
  • Page 1: what is safe to share online? Circle the safe things, X out the unsafe things. Words and pictures for each one
  • Page 2: what makes a good password? Color the computer red (bad password) or green (good password)
  • Page 3: what to do if you are being cyberbullied. Students read and color the pictures
  • Page 4: I will follow the digital safety rules (color a picture)


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