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It is more important than ever to teach our students how to stay safe on the internet and how to be a good digital citizen. I have created this resource pack to use with upper elementary students to teach and review these vital skills. This is a rock star theme to teach students to be Internet Safety Rock Stars.

What is included:

  • 2 one-page assessments to check students’ knowledge of internet safety
  • 8 task cards or situation cards. Students will read a situation and then decide how they would handle the situation. There is a sheet for students to record their answers and thoughts. There are also 2 worksheets that have the same situations on them. You can give these to students to fill-in the answers on their own instead of using the cards.
  • Internet safety certificates (2 color and 2 b/w)
  • Internet safety pledges (2 color and 2 b/w)
  • 3 read and write worksheets about internet safety.
  • Bookmarks that review internet safety rules and think before you post. They come in both color and b/w options.
  • 10 internet safety posters (2 different color options). These posters can be used on your SmartBoard or a document camera to discuss and introduce these concepts. There is a set with a black background and a set with a white background.
    • The posters discuss ways students can be a ROCK star. Responsible, Online etiquette, Check with an adult, Keep it Private.
    • There are 2 posters discussing cyberbullying.
    • There is a poster telling students to think before they post and one about creating passwords and user ID’s.
    • There are 2 posters that give situations on them and ask students to think about what they would do. These situations are not the same as on the task cards.



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