Choosing Just Right Books & 5 Finger Rule


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Teach your students how to select a just right book and how to use the five finger rule with these posters and bookmarks. You can use the posters for bulletin boards or post in a center or small group station.

What is included: 5 color posters in color and black and white

  • Just Right Books
  • 5 Finger Rule
  • Too Easy Rule
  • Too Hard Rule
  • Just Right Rule

2 sets of bookmarks in color and black and white (3 to a page)

  • 5 Finger Rule
  • Just Right Books

Coloring page that reviews the 5 finger rule

This has been updated with all new graphics 6/24/24. The old file is still available for download.

Use this with my Choosing Just Right Books Print Breakout.

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