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What is a book tasting? A book tasting is a chance to expose students to different kinds of books and genres and will get them engaged and excited about reading. These could be books that they would never look at on their own or books that do not circulate in your library or classroom. A book tasting can be done with almost any grade or age level.

This pack includes everything you need to host a book tasting in your classroom or library (minus the books). For more information and helpful tips on implementing a book tasting in your classroom or library read this blog post.

What is included:

  • 14 posters in color, black and white, portrait and landscape. The posters say “Welcome to the Reading Café”, “Book Tasting Coming Soon”, and “Book Tasting Today”. You can use these signs however you need.
  • A reservation form for students. You can use this form to write in the names of the students and what table you want them to sit at.
  • Half-page table signs in color and black and white. The signs say “Book Tasting”, “The Reading Café) and table signs 1-8.
  • 4. One page set of place card signs. You can write a name on each card and then place them on the table. You only need these if you want students to sit at a specific seat.
  • Book tasting menu for older students (4th and 5th is my suggestion). This is a brochure that will need to be folded in 3. Students will fill in the menu with their thoughts on the different books they look at.
  • Book tasting menu for younger students (2nd and 3rd is my suggestion). This is a mini-book. Students will have a front cover and then the inside pages. They will write their thoughts on the different books they look at. Then, when they are finished they will staple the pages together. I have included only one set of the inside page, you may copy as many as you want to use.
  • A one-page book menu with a simpler format. You can use this the same way as the other menus. This menu will save you on time and paper since there is less to cut out and it is easier for students to fill out.
  • 2 placemats to place at each table. They are identical except for the title at the top. Each one asks students to write down their thoughts or questions.
  • 3 sets of bookmarks (3 to a page). They are in color and black and white. Two of the bookmarks ask students to write down the books they liked. The third bookmark is just announcing that a book tasting is coming soon.
  • 8 half-page genre posters. Each poster gives a brief definition of what each genre is. Students can use these as a reference guide. One of the menus asks students what genre the book is they are looking at.

Please look at the preview. The preview includes almost every page of the file. This way you know exactly what you are getting.

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