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Teach your primary students about Earth Day with these digital and print activities. Reviews recycling, taking out the trash, and other ways to take care of the Earth.  Includes print mini books as well as digital versions for both Google Slides and SeeSaw (preloaded links included).

What is included

Print Activities

  • One mini-book titled “Hooray for Earth Day”. It is 6 pages and is a cut-and-paste booklet.
  • One mini-book titled “Earth Day” and discusses things that can be recycled or put in the trash and ways to save energy.
  • Cut and paste worksheet/assessment about what is good for the Earth and what is not

Digital Activities

Earth Day (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)

  • 7 slides
  • Provides ways students can take care of the Earth
  • Slide 3: students circle objects that can go in the trash
  • Slide 4: students sort recyclable objects by paper, plastic, and cans
  • Slide 5 ways to save energy (turn off lights, turn off the TV and electronic devices)
  • Slide 6 reminds students about other ways they can help the Earth
  • Slide 7: sorting slide. Sort activities that make the Earth happy or sad


Earth Day Hero (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)

  • 8 slides
  • Ways students can be Earth Day heroes (pick up trash, recycle, ride your bike, plant a tree)
  • Slides 3-6 have movable images
  • Writing slide for students to write ways they can be Earth Day heroes



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