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Welcome students back to school with this fun and colorful PowerPoint and Google Slides template. All of the text is EDITABLE so you can use in any type of classroom or school library. Sample questions are included. The questions are ones I use during my elementary library orientation.

There are 18 questions. To edit the questions, click inside the text box, delete my text and add your own. I have embedded the font into the PPT to make for easier editing. You do not have to download any fonts onto your computer. The Google Slides template is identical to the PowerPoint.

Due to copyright restrictions, none of the images can be changed or moved.

Suggestions on how to play:

  • Divide the class up into two teams.
  • Team 1 will select a question.
  • They will read the question and give the answer. They will then click on the text that says “check answer”.
  • The answer page will come up. You can then spend a minute or two going over the question and answer with students.
  • From the answer page they will click on the text that says go back.
  • Team 2 will go next. Play will continue until all questions are answered.

You will need to keep track of which questions have been selected.

The file is in a zip format, you must have an unzip program to open it. If you need help with this please let me know. I have included the previous version as well.


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