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Introduce the library to your primary students with these print and digital mini-books or emergent readers. These are perfect to use during the first week of school to review what a library is, the kinds of books in a library what to expect when going to the library, and library rules. These mini books have been updated with 2 Google Slides versions of the print books.

What is included:

  • 10-page print mini-book to review library rules and how to be a good library citizen. This book comes in black and white and color. Rules include: listen to the librarian, share, be kind, take care of books, raise your hand, use inside voices, and choose just right books.
  • The second print mini-book is 7 pages long and gives very basic information about what a library is. There are two different options. In the first option, students will just cut out and staple the book together. For the second option, students will also cut and paste a picture on a few of the pages. I offered both versions because you may not want to have students cut and paste right away, especially kindergarten students!
  • Cut and paste worksheet for students to sort things they would and would not see in a library.
  • 2 Google Slides mini books. These are almost identical to the print mini books.

You can easily use these library rules mini books at the beginning of the school year or any time as a review.

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