Library Orientation Mini Books

Library Orientation Mini Books

As educators we all know the importance of laying a solid foundation in the early weeks of a new school year. Having clear routines and procedures are key to having good classroom management and a smooth year. By taking the time to explicitly and thoroughly teach students your expectations, you are setting yourself and your students up for a successful school year. That’s where library orientation comes into play!

Library orientation is a very very busy time of the year.

As the librarian, you are solely responsible for ensuring every single student in your school is respecting library time and following the correct procedures. After all, we only have them in the media center for a short time each week! This time at the beginning of the school year is so important to a seamless year! One engaging and fun way I like to teach expectations to my students is through the use of library mini books. This is a great hands-on resource that students can make and refer back to throughout the school year. 

This resource is packed full of goodies! These library mini books are a great addition to your instructional toolbox. With the uncertainty of distance learning or a more traditional classroom happening in the upcoming week, this resource covers it all! 

What’s included in the library orientation mini books?

It comes fully prepared with two different library orientation books that each focus on different skills along with two closely aligned Google slides mini books. Another useful aspect to these library mini books is that they are versatile. There are different options and ways to use these resources. We all know in those first few weeks as things get rolling there is definitely some down time in between classes as we are all getting adjusted. One way I like to fill this time is by using the back and white version of these books. Students can take some time to color and decorate their personalized books. Let’s talk about all of the important topics these library mini books cover!

The first library mini book that is included in this resource is a 10 page long book. There is a black and white copy along with a color copy available. This book is great for explicitly teaching routines and procedures about listening to the librarian, how to share, and the importance of being kind. It also covers your rules and expectations on how to take care of library books, how to raise your hand and ask questions, the importance of using inside voices in the library and even how students can choose just the right books for their reading needs!

The second library mini book that is included in this resource is great to use with any grade level. There are two different options- one is simpler and easier for younger students and the other involves more cutting and pasting which can be great for intermediate grades! This book is more of an overview of the library in general and is a great activity to use in the first week of school. 

Also included are a few worksheets for students to work on. These worksheets focus on having students complete a sort with what is found in the library. And lastly, there are two Google slides options that are very similar to the print books! Embedding these library mini books into your lesson plans will surely be an engaging activity for students of all ages. 

Do you currently use activities to explicitly teach students routines and procedures during library orientation? If so, share your ideas below!

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