Educational Learning Apps Bring Reading Adventures to Life

I’m always on the lookout for ways to sprinkle engaging learning activities into our library space. When our little learners stroll through the doors, it’s not just about finding the right book. We are also crafting an experience that enhances what they’re soaking up in their classrooms. If you’re looking for something new to add to your days in the library, you’re in the right place. Let’s chat about educational learning apps and how they’ll be a total game-changer in the library!

Use these educational learning apps in your school this year for engaging digital learning students of all ages will love.

Educational Learning Apps in the Library

We have to admit that screen time gets a bit of a bad rap. But, what if those digital adventures could actually complement and extend student learning? The educational learning app lineup I’m sharing with you today is the answer to that question! These apps turn screen time into valuable learning time that supports what students are doing in the classroom.

Benefits of Educational Learning Apps in School Libraries

Why consider diving into digital educational learning apps for your school library, you ask? In an age where screens are part of a child’s world, these educational learning apps are gateways of learning.

Use your student's love of technology to your advantage with educational learning apps you can use all year long.

We live in a world where literacy isn’t confined to the pages of a book but extends into interactive realms. And, because our students have a love for anything related to technology, you can bet that using learning apps will be one of their favorite activities.

Our library isn’t just a repository of physical books but a hub of exploration and growth. Educational learning apps add a dynamic layer to our educational landscape, offering personalized experiences that cater to diverse learning styles. They’re not here to replace traditional learning. Instead, they seamlessly supplement classroom teachings, providing an extra sprinkle of excitement to subjects and skills.

From fostering literacy to introducing coding, our libraries transform into a center of innovation and engagement. It’s about embracing the best of both worlds, where the magic of storytelling meets the allure of interactive technology.

6 Educational Learning Apps to Try in Your School Library

Now that we’ve set the stage for a library adventure that combines traditional tales with the excitement of digital exploration, it’s time to meet the rockstars. I have gathered six educational learning apps that revolutionize how my readers learn and play in our school library. These apps help us create a learning space where curiosity knows no bounds. Each brings a unique flavor to the mix, from early literacy skills to the mysteries of coding.

1. Epic!

This Epic! is one of those educational learning apps that makes perfect sense to include in your library with countless e-books, audio books, and resources your students will look forward to using.

Description: Epic! is a digital haven specially crafted for the curious minds of our young learners. This platform is a digital library of sorts, plus much more! It’s a boundless universe of e-books, audiobooks, and educational videos meticulously curated for children covering a diverse range of topics and catering to various age groups. Epic! transforms reading into a captivating adventure.

How to Use: With Epic! we can craft an immersive learning adventure for our young readers. How about kicking things off with some thematic reading challenges to ignite excitement?

We can even spice things up by establishing virtual book clubs, where our curious minds can collaborate and explore the wonders hidden within Epic!’s digital shelves. I have also used this educational learning app to bring stories to life through interactive storytelling sessions.

Price: Epic! provides flexibility to suit varying budget considerations. With a free version offering limited access, you can kickstart the Epic! experience without spending a dime. A subscription model is available for those ready to unlock the entire library, providing unlimited access to an extensive collection of educational resources. Whether opting for the free version or the subscription, Epic! ensures that the adventure of learning in our school library knows no bounds.

2. ABCmouse

Description: ABCmouse is a dynamic playground designed to nurture the minds of our young learners. This comprehensive platform boasts a tailored curriculum that spans the spectrum of early childhood education. From interactive lessons to engaging activities, ABCmouse covers many subjects, including reading, math, science, and art. This platform is a beacon of support for our little learners as they embark on their educational journey.

How to Use: Let’s unlock the wonders of ABCmouse in our school library! Dive into a world of interactive lessons and activities catering to our early learners’ unique needs.

Kickstart the adventure by incorporating ABCmouse into early literacy stations, creating dedicated spaces where your students can explore the realms of reading and language. You can even take it a step further by organizing themed learning events, using ABCmouse to reinforce specific subjects or concepts. These are perfect additions to your math or literacy lesson plans.

Also, consider using ABCMouse to help facilitate smaller group teaching opportunities. As one group of children listens or participates in a lesson with you, ABCMouse will help keep other students captivated in learning until it’s time to swap places!

Price: ABCmouse is committed to making early childhood education accessible. The platform offers a variety of pricing options, allowing you to tailor the ABCmouse experience to your budget. While specific costs may vary, ABCmouse often provides a trial period, enabling you to explore the platform’s benefits before making a commitment.

3. Starfall

Description: This educational learning app and website are guiding tools designed to illuminate the path to literacy for our young readers.

Starfall strongly emphasizes phonics, using it as the primary method to assist kids in learning how to pronounce words and elevate their reading skills. Through a captivating blend of interactive games and activities, Starfall transforms the process of learning to read into an engaging adventure.

How to Use: As school librarians, let’s harness the power of Starfall in our reading realm. Spark the magic by organizing phonics workshops, where young minds can dive into the world of sounds and letters, laying the foundation for solid reading skills.

You can even plan interactive storytime sessions where the tales come alive with the phonetic wonders of Starfall. Weaving this educational gem into our library programs, we can turn reading into an interactive experience that captivates and educates simultaneously.

Price: Starfall’s commitment to early literacy extends to accessibility. The platform provides free and premium content, allowing you to tailor the Starfall experience to your library’s needs. While specific pricing details may vary, including free resources ensures that phonics and reading are accessible to all.

4. Kahn Academy Kids

Description: Step into the captivating universe of Khan Academy Kids, an educational learning app crafted specifically for our early learners. This app covers a spectrum of subjects, including math, reading, social-emotional development, and beyond. That means you can find almost any related content to pair with your current lessons.

Khan Academy Kids isn’t a one-size-fits-all platform. That makes it a personalized learning haven for you and your students. Through engaging interactive activities and games, this app transforms the early learning experience.

How to Use: Kahn Academy Kids makes it easy for you to create personalized learning paths for our young explorers. That means you will be able to find lessons to help guide your students through math, reading, and social-emotional development.

Looking for homework support or need to reinforce what is being taught in their classrooms? Khan Academy Kids has our back, providing valuable resources to reinforce classroom learning and support little learners in a variety of ways.

Price: Khan Academy Kids has got your back when it comes to affordable access! This educational learning app is free of charge, ensuring that personalized learning experiences are available to every young mind entering our school library.

5. Scratch Jr.

Description: In this educational learning app, students become digital creators. More than just an app, Scratch Jr. is an introductory programming language designed to ignite the spark of creativity. This playful and creative app introduces basic coding concepts, making learning to code an engaging adventure.

It empowers kids to be storytellers, game designers, and animators by seamlessly snapping together visual programming blocks. The concept and controls are easy for students to learn and master making this a simple introduction to coding. Kids as young as Kindergarten can use it, which means it’s great for a variety of ages too!

How to Use: We can unlock the coding magic within Scratch Jr. by hosting coding workshops. Our students can dive into the approachable world of visual programming blocks. While doing so, they can create interactive stories and games that come to life with their imagination. Scratch Jr. fosters computational thinking through hands-on, creative exploration.

Price: The app is free to allow every student to enter the world of coding without barriers. Introducing Scratch Jr. into our library’s learning landscape ignites a passion for coding. It also ensures equal opportunity to become a digital storyteller.

6. Osmo – Words

Description: Step into the world of Osmo-Words, a captivating segment of the Osmo educational gaming system. This game-based learning app uses a fun digital reward system and exciting graphics to help your students practice spelling. Beyond being just a game, Osmo-Words combines physical and digital realms, designed to elevate vocabulary and spelling skills.

Because this app uses both physical objects to manipulate and digital elements on the screen, you can give your students fine motor skills practice along with technology practice. By combining tangible game pieces with a digital app, Osmo-Words transforms learning into an interactive and engaging experience.

How to Use: Help make practicing spelling engaging by planning spelling challenges that transform ordinary learning moments into exciting, competitive adventures. Create collaborative learning sessions where students work together to solve word-related puzzles using Osmo-Words. Whether you’re planning for individual learning stations or collaborative word challenges, Osmo-Words ensures that enhancing vocabulary and spelling skills in our school library is an investment in interactive education.

Price: Osmo-Words brings the joy of interactive learning without breaking the bank. While specific pricing details may vary, Osmo typically offers an accessible range of pricing options so you can choose what works best for your school budget.

Only a Glimpse of Educational Learning Apps

It’s essential to recognize that what we’ve uncovered here is just the tip of the iceberg of educational learning apps. Our school library is a vast universe of possibilities, and these apps guide us through interactive learning.

Each of these six educational learning apps brings unique brilliance to the learning experience we plan for our diverse learners. That means more overall excitement and buy-in from our students in the long run.

Countless other educational learning apps stand ready to join our library’s toolkit while catering to diverse subjects, learning styles, and age groups. From science explorations to language mastery and creative arts, the app universe is teeming with treasures waiting to be discovered.

The library is a dynamic space, and the world of educational apps is ever-evolving. Let’s dive deeper, explore further, and uncover other educational wonders. The adventure has just begun, and the possibilities for transforming our school library into a hub of interactive learning are boundless! If you’re looking for even more resources to support learning in the library, check out this post about my freebie library!

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