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When I became a librarian, I scoured every nook and cranny for resources that would not only impact but also add a dash of excitement to the reading experience for my readers. The goal? To make our library a place of anticipation and joy with each visit. I also wanted to support my fellow classroom teachers by providing resources, that aligned with the skills they practiced in their classrooms. However, I had a hard time finding tools that fit my needs. That’s how my free resource library came to be!

Use this list of free resource activities in your library to make the most for your students.

As I navigated the ropes of being a school librarian, I started creating special resources to fill the gaps. These resources can all be found in one convenient place – my Free Resource Library! Join me by signing up for my free resource library, where you can discover a treasure trove of materials that have enriched my journey. You’ll be joining me along with countless other school librarians in guiding our readers through their reading adventures. Let’s make learning and reading an unforgettable adventure together!

How to Access the Free Resource Library

Head over to the Staying Cool in the Library free resource page to join the mailing list and grab some amazing resources you can start using today.

Gaining access to the Free Resource Library is easy! No jumping through hoops, reciting the Constitution, or signing your life away.

Just swing by my Welcome page for the free resource library, type in your first name and email, and voila! The password will be immediately sent to your inbox.

By signing up for the Free Resource Library you will also begin to receive the Staying Cool in the Library email newsletter. It is filled with practical tips and ideas to make your job as a librarian easier.

But fear not! I promise not to flood your inbox or share your email address with anyone.

What You Will Find Inside the Free Resource Library

From open house templates, teacher collaboration forms, booklists, and more the free resource library has everything you need for a full year of library fun.

After signing up, check your email for the Free Resource Library password. Then head over and start checking out the amazing resources you now have access to.

Welcome to the world of reading logs, graphic organizers, and games that will save you time while helping you deliver high-quality lessons.

I have used each one of these resources time and time again. I have even shared these with my classroom teachers to give that extra support to their instruction.

Take a peek below at a few of the resources you’ll discover!

Library Scavenger Hunts

One of my go-to free resources, especially at the start of the school year or during the first library visit, is the Library Scavenger Hunt. I’ve found it’s just too good to be a one-time wonder. I sprinkle these throughout the year to ensure those library navigation skills stay sharp.

Inside, you’ll find not one but two versions of the scavenger hunt. The first version unleashes students into the library to match book images with pictures on their scavenger hunt paper. For example, students see a picture of a robot on the cover, and off they go on a mission to find a book about robots. They jot down the call number on their answer sheet once they’ve located a book about robots. This picture-based version is great for even the youngest of learners.

Now, the second version is a bit different. It provides a topic, and students need to track down a book related to that theme. For example, if the topic is friendship, students go and search for a story about friendship. Once found, they note down the call number on their page.

I always take a moment to model the process with a few books, showing them how to think through the image of a book on their paper, how to find a matching book in the library, and where to find and record the call number on the book spine.

After the demo, it’s teamwork time. I pair up the students because let’s be real, two heads are better than one, especially when diving into this library adventure!

Now, if it’s their first journey through library navigation or depending on their grade level, I might pre-pull some books and spread them out on tables instead of letting them loose in the whole library. Gotta build up to that grand exploration!

Resources to Encourage Reading

You can find monthly reading logs, like these, in the free resource library.

As a librarian, chances are you love to read. You’ve been bitten by the book bug and reading is something you enjoy. And. . . chances are you want to pass your passion on to the students you work with.

But sometimes, our students take a little more convincing when it comes to reading. That’s where bringing your love of reading to life in your library can make a big difference. But trying to do that in addition to everything else can feel overwhelming.

That’s why I have added a variety of resources to the Resource Library that will help you encourage reading and the love of books. From monthly reading logs to printable bookmarks there are lots of resources to help you help your students fall in love with books.

I also love creating displays in the library that draw students in. Sometimes these are book-based and other times designed to teach students something new. Either way, these engaging displays are one of the things my students love most about visiting the library.

I started this early in my career, and it was such a hit with all grade levels that I continued hunting for entertaining and eye-catching special days for my kiddos. In my free resource library, I’ve shared my monthly calendar of dates and library display ideas. Feel free to try out one or all of them! It’s also editable, allowing you to add your own unique touch. Let’s turn every day into a celebration of reading and learning!

Teacher-Librarian Collaboration Google Form

As the campus librarian, one of my main goals is to collaborate with classroom teachers. If I can help teachers by reinforcing what they are learning in the classroom, helping to facilitate a research activity, or doing a read-aloud that aligns with a time period students are learning about, I’m all in! It’s a goal I’ve held close to my heart since I began. By collaborating with classroom teachers we can help our students even more.

I’ve always aimed to be a constant support for my classroom teachers on the library front. This meant a tag-team effort to make sure I was equipping them and their students with the right information and tools. The beauty of it all? It’s a win for the teachers but also a reminder of the true value of library time!

But to do this, I knew we needed to keep those communication channels wide open. To help everyone stay on the same page, I created the Teacher-Librarian Collaboration Google Form. This form is a lifesaver when trying to plan lessons and projects with our classroom teachers. Teachers drop in their name, grade level, and subject area, giving me the lowdown on the area we’re targeting. They explain their timeline, project duration, and whether it’s a quick one-and-done or a multi-class experience. I love hearing about their goals and any specific resources they’ve got in mind. Here’s where the personal touch kicks in. They get to describe how they want me in the mix, whether it’s rounding up resources, helping with the nitty-gritty planning, or any other support they need.

Once I review the information on the form, it’s showtime! I reach out to the teacher, clarify the information, toss around ideas, and start preparing for those upcoming lessons. This form is an excellent tool for our collaboration that makes every lesson a unique and enriching experience. And. . . you can find this form in the Resource Library. You will be able to make a copy of the form so that you can personalize it and use it with your teachers.

Reading Response Cards

Who doesn’t adore a good old Q&A session after a read-aloud?

I love diving into conversations with my readers before, during, and after we’ve immersed ourselves in a story together.

That’s where the magic of my Reading Response Cards, nestled in my free resource library, comes into play.

They’re little conversation starters, ranging from your run-of-the-mill book-related questions to prompts that nudge our young minds into making connections with other tales. When time allows, I pluck out 5-6 of these cards at the end of our story, giving our discussions a gentle nudge. Some days, I don’t need that many because when given the chance, our readers take the lead in sharing their thoughts.

Other times, I pair them up to explore books linked to a particular genre or topic they’re tackling in their classrooms. They take turns tossing these questions at each other after their reading adventures.

I frequently share this fantastic resource with my classroom teachers. They bring these cards into their reading classes, tuck them into centers, or hand them out for early finisher activities. These cards ignite engaging conversations and a love for reading in the hearts of our young readers!

Popcorn Dewey Editable Template

A real gem in my free resource library is the Popcorn Dewey Editable Template. There are so many benefits to learning how to navigate the Dewey Decimal system.

Our readers get to uncover the secrets of how books are sorted and master the art of navigating these categories.

As they progress through school and tackle research projects, this skill becomes a superpower, allowing them to roam the library and locate the resources they need confidently.

What happens when someone feels like a pro in a space? They keep coming back for more. That’s one of our ultimate goals as librarians is to create a space where our readers feel comfortable and equipped to explore.

Now, let me spill the popcorn on this editable activity. It’s a blast for small groups, a whole-class warm-up, or a perfect shareable treat for your classroom teachers. I type on the popcorn pieces with topics or familiar book names my students know.

Then, on the popcorn bins, I write in the numbers representing each category. Students sort the popcorn pieces into the right bins, matching the category or section where the book belongs. Depending on how new the system is to the students, I throw in a handout that breaks down the numbers and categories.

As I wrap up our little journey through the nooks and crannies of my librarian adventures, my heart is beaming with excitement.

You see when I first stepped into the world of being a school librarian, I was on a mission to find resources that made an impact and added joy to the reading experience.

I wanted our library to be more than just shelves of books. I envisioned it as a place filled with anticipation and smiles with every visit.

And, of course, I wanted to be that helping hand for my fellow teachers, creating resources that align with the skills in their classrooms. And now, the adventure extends to you! I’m throwing open the doors to my free resource library, and you’re invited to join this vibrant community.

When budgets are tight and you need something to add a little sparkle to your day, the free resource library stands as your haven of support. So, I hope to see you in the VIP Resource Library! Enjoy diving in, exploring, and beginning this new chapter in your library!

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