Using Kahoot! in the Library

kahoot in the library

I admit it. There have been so many new tech tools in the last several years that it’s hard to keep up. Online learning platforms, Zooms and Meets, and even games are everywhere. It’s definitely a good time for edtech! However, one that has stood the test of time for me is Kahoot! This tool is an online quiz platform that allows students to compete, take independent individualized quizzes, or simply review for assessments. Teachers love using Kahoot! in the classroom for formative assessments and review, but Kahoot! also has a place in the library classroom. Using Kahoot! in the library is transformative for your elementary students’ learning experience. Here are a few ways you can start using Kahoot! in your library.

Preview New Books

Kahoot! is a great way to help students get a little bit of background on new titles in the library or featured titles. Creating a Kahoot! Quiz is so easy! Simply sign up for a Kahoot! Educator account (basic features are free) and ask questions about the setting and background of the book. Your students may not know the answers, but it will definitely get them wanting to know what happens next! 

For example, in the book Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963, there is a lot of background about the 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement that readers don’t necessarily get until the epilogue of the book. See what your students know and pique their curiosity. 

Book Brawls

Some schools have book clubs or book brawls that read dozens of titles and compete within schools, the district, or even across the state by answering questions about the books. Digitize the questions on a Kahoot! The added bonus is that you’ll have data on which titles or types of the questions students need more practice on. Of course, they can also practice on their own! If your school doesn’t have a competition book club, you can start one! You can keep the books in a certain genre, try all award winners, or even have a narrow book competition for a certain author. Book competitions are so much fun for elementary readers!

Student-Made Kahoot! Quizzes

One of the joys of Kahoot! in the library is that students can make their own quizzes. I love this feature because many of my students want to talk about the books they are reading with their classmates. I even have a student recommendation table in the library. Here’s something your students can try. When they finish a favorite book, have them make a Kahoot! Quiz. Make a QR code or include the Kahoot! address/code to put inside the back book cover. When students finish reading the book, they can take the Kahoot! Quiz. Student-made Kahoot! Quizzes are also perfect for student-run book clubs.

Using Kahoot! in the library is a game changer for student engagement and love of reading. Reading isn’t always a social activity, but Kahoot! brings in competition and fun. How can you use Kahoot! in your library classroom this year?

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