When I became a librarian, I scoured every nook and cranny for resources that would not only impact but also add a dash of excitement to the reading experience for my readers. The goal? To make our library a place of anticipation and joy with each visit. I also wanted to support my fellow classroom teachers by providing resources, that aligned with the skills they practiced in their classrooms. However, I had a hard time finding tools that fit my needs. That’s how my free resource library came to be! As I navigated the ropes of being a school librarian, I started creating special resources to fill the gaps. These resources can all be found in one convenient place – my Free Resource Library! Join me by signing up for my free resource library, where you can discover a treasure trove of materials that have enriched my journey. You’ll
Let’s have a heart-to-heart about something that’s near and dear to our hearts. Many of us who are connected to libraries are aware of budget struggles. Tight budgets can really put a damper on our beloved book havens. But fear not because this is where library fundraisers step in. And since everyone already does a book fair, we are going to jump right into new ideas you can try. Library fundraisers aren’t just about collecting much-needed funds. They’re all about uniting school communities and local communities with the common goal of promoting literacy and learning. These fundraisers light up the path to a brighter future, where opportunities for everyone to dive into the world of books are endless. Why Are Library Fundraisers Important? 1. Empowering Future Generations Library fundraisers are fantastic events that are all about setting the stage for a brighter future. They’re not just about raising money.
In a world where screens compete for our attention at every turn, there’s something truly magical happening in schools across the nation. It’s called the “One School, One Book” initiative, a breath of fresh air for teachers and families. This program isn’t just about reading, it’s about igniting a passion for stories. Community reading creates a strong sense of togetherness among students, parents, and teachers. So, grab a comfy chair, because in this blog post, we’re diving into the world of “One School, One Book.” We’ll uncover what it’s all about, the benefits, and how you can host one at your school. I’ve even got some fantastic book suggestions for your K-5 community! What’s the Buzz About “One School, One Book”? So, what’s this whole “One School, One Book” thing all about? At its core, it’s about building a vibrant sense of community through the sheer wonder of a
My favorite memories from when I was a student include when my teachers would have read-aloud time. When the lights dimmed and my teacher perched on her stool, I knew an adventure would begin! I loved being able to fall into a story with the help of my teacher’s ability to change voices and bring the story to life with her animation. Now, you and I are the champions of literacy for our kiddos. We hold the key to unlocking the magical world of read-alouds for them. A well-crafted read-aloud session can spark curiosity, nurture imagination, and foster a lifelong love for books. I have gathered some incredible tips to make your read-alouds unforgettable! 1. Collect Captivating Read-Alouds As book lovers, we understand how mind-blowing a good story can be! So when choosing books for read-alouds, pick ones that click with your students. Consider what they’re into, what fits
As much as I wish my students were all obsessed with reading, I recognize that many of them come with fears or walls built up. I owe thanks to many of my classroom teachers and school librarians for helping me become the bookworm I am today. It was their unique and engaging reading games that helped me form a positive friendship with reading. I hope, like we all do, that we can play a part in igniting a love of reading in our students! One way to help develop a positive foundation between your students and reading is through presenting reading lessons in a fun, game-like manner! I incorporate reading games as much as possible to create a relaxed learning environment for my kids. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a school librarian, I hope you find a new reading game, or two, that will help you to
As the school year winds down, we want to empower our students to continue learning through the summer. Summer reading programs are a great incentive for students to read during the summer months. And while this is a wonderful way to help avoid the summer slide, I also believe that summer reading is a great way to help kids fall in love with reading. Here are 9 free summer reading programs that will have your students staying on top of their reading all summer long! 1. Local Libraries’ Summer Reading Programs Discover the amazing wonders that your local library has to offer! Many libraries will have summer reading programs for different age ranges. You may even remember participating in one when you were growing up! The summer reading programs at your libraries are free to sign up for. The milestones of the program may vary from library to library.