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Your students will love researching the 50 states with this digital research project. Students can research any state to complete the slides.

What is included:

Note-taking slides file

  • 4 slides for students to type in their notes about their state

State research file – 5 slides (plus a title page)

  • Slide 1: fast facts about the state

Motto, nickname, flower, tree, bird, song

  • Slide 2: State information

Agricultural and manufacturing products and industry, population, major rivers,
lakes and mountains, size of the state and bordering states

  • Slide 3: State government

Governor’s name, # of state and national senators and representatives, # of
electoral votes, picture of the flag (students will insert a picture of the flag)

  • Slide 4: Take a visit

Climate and weather information

Places to visit in the state

  • Slide 5: More state information

List the 3 largest cities, locate the state on a U.S. map, label a state map with the capital and 3 largest cities, and any other interesting facts learned about the state.

*** There are 2 different versions of slide 5. One version is generic and can be used with any of the U.S. states. Students will have to insert a map of the state before they label it.

*** The second version is specific to every state. There is an outline of the state inserted into the slide for students to label. There are 50 slides (one for each state).

This is very similar to my United States Research Posters – Print, just in a digital format.


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