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Teach your primary students about different types of weather and how to dress for the seasons with these print and digital activities. This product has now been updated to include the print mini-books as well as digital versions for both Google Slides and SeeSaw (preloaded links included).

What is included in the download:

Print Readers

  • 7-page cut and paste mini book titled “Looking at Weather”. Discusses the different types of weather and the seasons and how to dress for the weather.
  • 10-page mini book titled “What to Wear” mini book where students will use a word bank to complete simple sentences about the weather.

Digital Activities

  • Looking at the Weather (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)
  • 7 slides
  • Talks about 4 different types of weather: rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy
  • Movable pictures
  • Students will match a picture to the type of weather
  • Students will move clothing to the type of weather
  • What’s the Weather Pauly? (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)
  • 9 slides
  • Students will look at a picture of Pauly the Polar Bear. They will read 3 sentences about the picture. They will move one word to complete the sentence. At the bottom of the slide is a fact about the type of weather.
  • Weather slides: rainy, sunny, snowy, windy
  • 4 slides for students to write about what they do on a rainy, sunny, snowy, or windy day. On SeeSaw they can also use the creative tools.



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