Digital Breakout – Library Rules and Orientation


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Students will use technology and problem-solving skills to complete this digital breakout while reviewing library rules and vocabulary. This is a great activity to use at the beginning of school or as a review midway through the year. Students will complete the breakout in Google Slides. It should be played in teams or small groups. I recommend playing it with fourth and fifth graders, possibly third depending on the class.

This is a fairly simple breakout because I know there is usually not a lot of time to devote to a more involved lesson during library time. I know this is especially true during the first couple weeks of school.

There are 3 locks to unlock. There is a 3 digit number lock, a 6 letter directional lock and a 4 digit letter lock. For the first lock, students will need to complete a word search with library vocabulary and find the numbers to the lock within the word search. For the second lock, students will need to move through a puzzle from start to finish, moving only to the boxes that have correct library rules. For the third lock, students will answer four library related questions. Once students have all 3 lock codes they will enter it on a Google Form. After they enter the correct answers they are given a link to complete an online puzzle.

There is also an alternative version that does not have a witch. It is identical in every other way.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Important Note: This is not an editable resource.

Advantages of using digital resources

⇒Engages students
⇒Helps build 21st-century learners
⇒Can use with Chromebooks, laptops, computers, tablets, iPads or other mobile devices


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