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Use these print and digital activities to teach your primary students about snowflakes and snowmen. This product has now been updated to include the print mini books as well as digital versions for both Google Slides and SeeSaw (preloaded links included).

What is included in this download:

Print Readers

  • 3 mini books
  • 5 page mini book What is a Snowflake? Students will read about snowflakes and how they are formed. It is a cut and paste book.
  • 5 page mini book All About Snow. This is a more challenging mini book and talks about the water cycle.
  • Mini book about how to make a snowman.

Digital Readers

  • What is a Snowflake? (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)
  • 12 slides
  • Provides basic facts about snowflakes and how they form. Mentions the water cycle in very simple terms.
  • Slides 6-12 is a comprehension check. There are three true and false questions about what is talked about on the previous slides
  • Slide 6 is the directions page. Students will move the word true or false to answer the questions.
  • I Can Make a Snowman (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)
  • 8 slides
  • Slides 2-5 show the steps in making a snowman.
  • Slide 7 students sequence the steps to building a snowman.
  • Slide 8 students can build their own snowman. There are many different items for students to choose from to decorate their snowman.


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