Digital Rewards for the School Library – Set 2


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These digital rewards are perfect for any librarian who is looking for a way to implement a whole-class rewards system with their students. It is made to use with Google Slides. This set will work well for students in third, fourth and fifth grades. But you can use them with whatever grade you wish.

It is a very flexible system that can be used with multiple classes and grade levels. You simply choose a slide for each class, assign a goal and award points.

This is part of a bundle: Digital Rewards for the School Library for K-5

What is included

⇒ Teacher directions – includes the access links and instructions on how to use this in your library or classroom
⇒ Ideas and suggestions on implementing this in your library or classroom
⇒ 1 Google Slide file

Slides are a chart system. There is a table on each slide. The table has 10 columns. Under each column are 5 boxes. The class can earn five points a day. For each point, an image is moved into the box. All text on the slides can be changed. The only pictures that can be edited/moved are the ones that go in the boxes.

⭐Slide 1: Emoji theme
⭐Slide 2: Book theme
⭐Slide 3: Animal theme
⭐Slide 4: Monster theme
⭐Slide 5: Dog theme
⭐Slide 6: Fall theme
⭐Slide 7: Halloween theme
⭐Slide 8: Christmas theme
⭐Slide 9: Winter theme
⭐Slide 10: Spring theme

Please download the preview before purchasing. The preview shows every slide plus some of the instructions on how to use this product. If you have any questions do hesitate to contact me. I want you to be completely satisfied with this purchase.

Click here to read my blog post about using this resource.

The text on all of the slides can be edited. The background images cannot be changed but all of the movable images can be.


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