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Review library skills with your K-2 students with this no prep, paperless resource. Students will work directly in Google Slides or Microsoft OneDrive to complete the activities. This is a fun, interactive way for students to practice different library skills.

This is part of a bundle: K-5 Library Skills Activities.

What is included

⇒ Teacher directions – includes the access links and instructions on how to use this in your library or classroom
⇒ Instructions for using this resource with Microsoft OneDrive
⇒ 2 Google Slide files
• Library Skills Activities
• Answer key

This product will help students review the following skills:
⭐ Reality or Fantasy
⭐ Fiction or Nonfiction
⭐ ABC Order to the 1st and 2nd letter
⭐ Call number order for fiction books
⭐ Parts of a book
⭐ Book Care Rules

There are 15 slides (but only 13 different activities). Read below for the details of each slide.

• 2 slides to introduce the terms fiction and nonfiction. These are not interactive and are more of an anchor chart.
• 2 slides to review reality and fantasy. Students will sort 10 different book titles into the correct category.
• 1 slide to review fiction and nonfiction book titles. Students will sort 10 different pictures into the correct category.
• 2 slides to put book titles in ABC order. One to the first letter and one to the second letter.
• 1 slide to put fiction call numbers in ABC order. (One slide has call numbers with E/2 letters of the author’s last name and one slide has call numbers with E/3 letters of the author’s last name. Use the slide that fits your library. If there is a different call number you use for fiction books send me an email and I will try to make a slide for you.
• 2 slides to label the parts of a book (cover, author, spine, title). One for a fiction book and one for a nonfiction book.
• 1 slide to label the parts of a book (title, spine, barcode, illustrator, front cover, back cover, call number, author.) There is one slide with a call number “E BU” and one slide with a call number “E BUR”. Again, send me an email if you need something different.
• 2 slides to sort book care rules. One slide has just pictures and one slide has simple sentences.

Important Note: This is not an editable resource. The background of each slide cannot be changed. However, you can delete any of the movable images/words if you would like and use your own. Each slide has movable pieces.

These slides are very similar to a few of the printables available in my Library Noprep Printables.

Advantages of using digital resources

⇒Paperless. No need to print and laminate the task cards
⇒Engages students
⇒Helps build 21st-century learners
⇒Can use with Chromebooks, laptops, computers, tablets, iPads or other mobile devices


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