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Use these print and digital activities to teach your primary students about the signs of spring. Includes  print mini books as well as digital versions for both Google Slides and SeeSaw (preloaded links included).

What is included in the download:

Print Readers

  • One minibook titled “Signs of Spring” that gives basic facts about spring and how to know when it is spring. It comes in color and black and white.
  • One minibook titled “I See Spring”. It has repetitive text and comes in color and black and white.
  • Two cut and paste worksheets/assessments

Digital Activities

  • Signs of Spring Activity (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)
  • 12 slides
  • Slides 2-7 review the ways we know it is spring On most of the slide’s students will move a picture onto the slide. For example: choose a flower to put in the garden. They will choose a flower to move.
  • Slide 8: students to write what their favorite part of spring is. In SeeSaw they can use the creative tools to draw as well.
  • Slide 9: move the spring pictures
  • Slide 10-13: students create a simple sentence by putting the words into the correct order.
  • I See Spring (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)
  • 11 slides
  • Counting activity. On each slide students will count the spring items. They will either write the number on the slide or move a picture of the number. Numbers 1-10.


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