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This back to school digital choice board provides six different engaging and interactive activities to go along with the book Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival. Students will work directly in Google Slides to complete the activities.

Please note: This lesson was created with distance learning in mind. However, I can not provide a link to have this book read aloud to students due to copyright restrictions. You will need to create your own read-aloud video, read the book to the students yourself or find an eBook version. There is a spot for you to include a link to the video for your students to watch.

This choice board is perfect to share with parents for a distance or remote learning activity. It can be shared through Google Classroom or other learning platform. A free Google account is needed to access this activity. These are digital activities. Students will need access to an internet enabled device.

Overview of the activities

  • Activity 1: Student will choose one thing they worry about and write about it. They will need to insert 3 text boxes.
  • Activity 2: Students will write the problem and solution of the story. They will insert two text boxes.
  • Activity 3: Student will complete a cause and effect activity about the story. This slide has movable pieces.
  • Activity 4: Student will complete a sorting activity. They will sort ways to make their worries shrink or ways to make them grow. This slide has movable pieces.
  • Slide 5: Word search activity
  • Slide 6: Student will watch one or two videos about breathing and relaxation exercises to help with worrying. The videos are appropriate for younger students. I shared the links through Safeshare. There is an option to edit this activity slide so you can create a completely different activity if you would like. You can also change the video links to videos you would like to use.

This is not an editable product. You can change the text on slide one (where you can insert the link to have the book read aloud). And you can change the directions on slide 6 with the YouTube video links.

PLEASE READ – IMPORTANT! Due to copyright law, a read-aloud video the book is NOT included. You will have to record yourself reading the book, or do a live stream of the read-aloud for students to access the book.  If your library owns an eBook version, you could also share how students how to read or access it through your eBook management platform.

You can share these activities through SeeSaw. You will have to upload the slides yourself. I have included directions on how to do this.

Want to see how this works before you purchase? Download my free sample choice board for the book Harry the Dirty Dog.


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