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This is a set of 16 digital graphic organizers that can be used with any fiction book. Students will work directly in Google Slides or Microsoft OneDrive to complete the activities. This is a fun, interactive way for students to respond to their reading. They can be completed independently or collaboratively. You can also use them with SeeSaw or PicCollage.

What is included

⇒ Teacher directions – includes the access links and instructions on how to use this in your library or classroom
⇒ Instructions for using this resource with Microsoft OneDrive
⇒ Tips for using the graphic organizers with SeeSaw
⇒ 2 Google Slide files
• Graphic Organizers with text boxes inserted
• Graphic Organizers without text boxes inserted

List of graphic organizers:

⭐ The Cause and Effect Path
⭐ Story Elements
⭐ Book Comparison
⭐ Author’s Message
⭐ Main Idea
⭐ Prediction
⭐ Lesson Learned
⭐ Making Connections
⭐ Retell Roundup (beginning, middle, and end)
⭐ Picture Perfect Retell (beginning, middle, and end)
⭐ Taco About My Book (somebody, wanted, but, so, then)
⭐ Whose Job Is It? (provide the author and illustrator’s name and what their job is)
⭐ Book Report (what was the book about, how did the book make me feel, my favorite part of the book. There are 2 slides, one with a picture of a girl and one with a picture of a boy.
⭐ My Opinion (my opinion of the book, would I recommend this book to a friend).
⭐ Main Character (write 3 words to describe how the character looks and 3 words to describe how the character acts. There are 2 slides, one with a picture of a girl and one with a picture of a boy.

There are 18 slides (but 15 graphic organizers). Read below for the details of each slide.

The preview shows every slide. Please download it before purchasing.

Important Note: This is not an editable resource.

Advantages of using digital resources

⇒Paperless. No need to print and laminate the task cards
⇒Engages students
⇒Helps build 21st-century learners
⇒Can use with Chromebooks, laptops, computers, tablets, iPads or other mobile devices


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