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This digital choice board for Google Slides and SeeSaw provides six different engaging and interactive activities to go along with the book Duck and Goose by Tad Hills. Comes with a preloaded link to save directly to your SeeSaw library. Students can also work on the activities in Google Slides. There is a link for students to hear the book read out loud.

Now comes with print versions of the activities.

A free Google account is needed to access this activity. These are digital activities. Students will need access to an internet enabled device.

Overview of the activities

  • Activity 1: will draw a picture and write about their best friend. They can share it through Google Classroom if they have access to it.
  • Activity 2: vocabulary activity. Students will match the word to its definition.
  • Activity 3: students will decide if the story events are real or make believe.
  • Activity 4: students will complete a Duck and Goose word search. The word search is from the site RIF (reading is fundamental).
  • Slide 5: Students will sequence the life cycle of a chick.
  • Slide 6: students will watch a video of the nursery rhyme Six Little Ducks.


Print activites are very similar but not identical


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