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This Google Drive resource is a set of 28 digital task cards that students can use to practice their knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System. Updated to include both a Google Slides version and a Google Forms version.

Google Slides: Students will read each task card and think about what kind of book would be helpful to the person who wrote the statement. Optional – they can look at the poster of the Dewey categories to help them. Then they will decide what Dewey category that book would be in. There is a recording sheet for students to write down their answers, a Dewey poster in color and b/w, and Dewey bookmarks in color and b/w. **The slides version is NOT editable.

Google Forms: Students do not need a Google account to use the Google Forms version of these task cards. The forms are set up like a quiz. There is one question (task card) per page. Students will read the task card and then type in their answers. They must type in the correct answer to proceed to the next question. There are 24 questions or task cards in this resource. I have created 3 different forms for you to choose from. The first form has questions 1-12, the second form has questions 13-24 and the third form has all the questions 1-24. **The forms can be edited.


What is included

  • Teacher directions – include the access links and how to use them in your library or classroom.
  • Instructions for using this resource with Microsoft OneDrive
  • Print versions of the posters, bookmarks, recording sheet, and answer sheet

This product is identical to the print version of my Dewey Decimal Task Cards.


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