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Students will learn about penguins and the penguin life cycle with these print and digital activities. These readers and activities are perfect to use during in-person or virtual learning. This product has now been updated to include the print mini books as well as digital versions for both Google Slides and SeeSaw (preloaded links included). Digital versions include audio.

Print Readers

  • 5 page minibook with facts about penguins. Comes in a color and black and white version
  • 6 page minibook about the penguin life cycle. Comes in color and black and white. Also comes with a penguin life cycle poster and cut/paste worksheet.

Digital Readers

Penguin Life Cycle (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)

  • 7 slides
  • Slides 2-6 provide basic facts about the penguin life cycle
  • Slide 7: sequence the penguin life cycle. There are 5 movable images (they are layered on top of each other to save room).

All About Penguins (audio included for both SeeSaw and Google)

  • 14 slides
  • Provides facts about penguins (where they live, what they eat etc.)
  • Slides 6-14 is a comprehension check. There are four true and false questions about what is talked about on the previous slides
  • Slide 6 is the directions page. Students will move the word true or false to answer the questions.


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