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Teach and review library rules with your kindergarten and first grade students with this digital lesson for Google Slides. These activities can easily be used during in-person instruction as well. If you are using this activity during distance learning, I provided a Google slides file with audio directions. I also include a file without audio directions. Use whichever one you need.

I created these activities to be used after a read-aloud of a library theme book. I provide a list of suggestions in the directions. These include What Happened to Marion’s Book, Splat the Cat and the Late Library Book and Read It, Don’t Eat It. I can not provide a link to have a book read aloud to students due to copyright restrictions. You will need to create your own read-aloud video, read the book to the students yourself during a live meeting or find an eBook version. There is a spot for you to include a link to the video for your students to watch.

Overview of the activities:

  • Activity 1: Students move a circle over the things found in a library.
  • Activity 2: Watch a short video that reviews the difference between fiction and nonfiction books.
  • Activity 3: Choose pictures of things found in a fiction book and things found in a nonfiction book.
  • Activity 4: Book care rules sort
  • Activity 5: Students select the types of books they like to read (pictures)
  • Activity 6: Link to a jigsaw puzzle


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