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This is a bundle of my Bee Theme Library Decor. It includes the library posters, the Dewey Decimal System posters, and a word wall. Please read the descriptions for each of these 3 sets to see exactly what is included. There are over 200 pages in this set.

Dewey Decimal Posters – Bee Theme

This set of Dewey Decimal posters with a fun bee theme. There are 2 different sets of posters. The only difference between the two sets is the background. One set has a honeycomb background and the other has a bee background.

Each set includes:

  • 14 posters
  • One poster with an overview of the categories
  • One poster for each of the ten categories
  • Two different biography posters (call numbers 92 and 921)
  • There are also 2 editable PowerPoint posters. The only graphics that are on the editable slide is the bee and honeycomb background. The same fonts are embedded in the PowerPoint so you can keep a uniform look.

Library Poster Set – Bee Theme

Decorate your school library with these cute and colorful bee theme posters. There are 60 different posters in both portrait and landscape orientation. I tried to include many options so you can customize the look to fit your library. There are also some editable PowerPoint templates – to make your own posters just click in the text box and type. You must have PowerPoint installed on your computer to use the editable posters. Note: only the text can be changed on the editable posters. None of the images or backgrounds can be changed due to copyright restrictions.

List of Posters

  • Library Rules and story time rules posters
  • Book care posters
  • Misc. posters, come in portrait and landscape
  • Welcome to the library, return books here, check out here, books are due back.
  • Library schedule posters
  • Half page signs with the months of the year on them
  • Table signs and group signs (1-8)
  • Booked for Birthday posters

Editable Posters

The editable posters come in both portrait and landscape. They are PowerPoint documents, you must have PowerPoint installed on your computer to open them. All you have to do is open the document, click in the text box where it says “edit text” and type. You can change the font size or color.

Library Word Wall – Bee Theme

Set of 122 library word wall cards for the elementary library media center. Just print the cards, laminate, cut in half and display. There are 2 words per page. I have also included header cards (A-Z). The words are all library vocabulary that I cover with my students each year. If there is a word that I have not included, you can use the editable PowerPoint file to create your own cards.


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