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Your students will enjoy reviewing dictionary skills with these digital task cards. Students will work directly in Google Slides or Microsoft OneDrive to compete the activities. I recommend this for 2nd and 3rd grades. I have a separate product for 4th and 5th grades available here.

What is included in the dictionary skills download

⇒ Teacher directions – includes the access links and instructions on how to use this in your library or classroom

⇒ Instructions for using this resource with Microsoft OneDrive

⇒ 2 Google Slide files

• Dictionary Task Cards File (30 slides/questions)

• Dictionary Task Cards Answers

I also included a print copy of the answer key and recording sheet in case you would like students to write down their answers.

Students will need a dictionary to complete most of the task cards. Each card is numbered. There is also a letter A in the corner of each card (I have a similar set for grades 4-6 that are labeled Set B.) Some of the cards ask students to put words in ABC order and to review guide words. Some of the questions include: find a word with 4 syllables, find a word that begins with a certain prefix or ends with a certain suffix, fill in the missing letters of a word. These are a great way to review ELA skills.

This product is identical to my Dictionary Skills Task Cards Set A (print)

Terms of Use

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