Cyberbullying PowerPoint and Google Slides Activities (Cyber bullying)


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This product is part of my Digital Literacy Bundle.

Teach your students about cyberbullying with this activity pack.

What students will learn:

  • What is cyberbullying?
    Examples of cyberbullying
    Differences between cyberbullying and bullying
    Strategies and tips on how to handle a cyberbullying situation (Take a BREAK)

What is included:

  • 12 slide PowerPoint introduction/lesson• Discussion questions you can use with your students
  • Guidelines on using this lesson with your students
  • 7 cyberbullying posters
  • 8 cyberbullying situation cards
  • 3 situation worksheets (I chose 3 situations from the cards and put them on a worksheet. Students will need to answer some specific questions about each situation).
  • Recording sheet for the task cards (students can write how they would respond to
    each situation)
  • Assessments:
    * Students write down how to respond to a cyber bully using the acronym BREAK
    * True or false assessment worksheet

The PowerPoint introduction teaches students to use the acronym BREAK to remember how to deal with a cyberbully. The PowerPoint and Google slides cannot be edited.

Please download the preview
The preview shows every page of the file including all of the PowerPoint slides. This way you know exactly what you are buying.


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