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Biography Templates and Graphic Organizers – Digital and Paperless

Your students will love writing a biography report with this paperless Google Slides resource. Students will choose a person to research and then complete the slides with the information they have learned. Students will type directly into Google slides to complete the project. The slides are not editable. I did insert text boxes on the slides in every place that students need to type. You can delete them if you want. The preview shows most of the pages but not every one.

What is included

➤ Teacher directions – includes the access links and instructions on how to use this in your library or classroom
➤ Instructions for using this resource with Microsoft OneDrive
➤ Google Slides file
➤ Black and white copy of the templates in a .pdf document

Templates/graphic organizers

• Slides 1 & 2: biography and autobiography poster
• Slides 3 & 4: cover pages (2 different color options)
• Slide 5: students fill in the chart with personal information about the person
• Slide 6: KWL chart
• Slide 7: Timeline of the person’s life.
• Slide 8: Photo gallery. Students can insert images of the person using the image search function
• Slides 10 & 11: In their own words. Students can type in quotes from the person they are researching.
• Slide 12: Early life
• Slide 13: Adult life
• Slide 14: Accomplishments of the person
• Slide 15: Struggles or difficulties the person overcame
• Slide 16: Other facts about the person
Slide 17: Summary page
• Slides 18–21: Bibliography or works cited page for students to record their sources. There is an example page so students know how to type in the information.
• Slides 22-25: All About pages for students to type up their research report. 2 different color options.

Advantages of using digital resources
⇒Paperless. No need to print and make copies of any materials.
⇒Engages students
⇒Helps build 21st-century learners
⇒Can use with Chromebooks, laptops, computers, tablets, iPads or other mobile devices
⇒Students can work independently or collaboratively


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