5 Library Fundraising Ideas Besides a Book Fair

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about something that’s near and dear to our hearts. Many of us who are connected to libraries are aware of budget struggles. Tight budgets can really put a damper on our beloved book havens. But fear not because this is where library fundraisers step in. And since everyone already does a book fair, we are going to jump right into new ideas you can try.

Unite your school and local communities while promoting literacy and learning with these fun library fundraiser ideas you can use in your school this year.

Library fundraisers aren’t just about collecting much-needed funds. They’re all about uniting school communities and local communities with the common goal of promoting literacy and learning. These fundraisers light up the path to a brighter future, where opportunities for everyone to dive into the world of books are endless.

Why Are Library Fundraisers Important?

1. Empowering Future Generations

Library fundraisers are fantastic events that are all about setting the stage for a brighter future.

A library fundraiser has so many more benefits beyond raising money for your library to buy new books and supplies.

They’re not just about raising money. These fundraisers are the driving force behind literacy programs, reading adventures, and exciting educational events.

In a nutshell, they’re the secret to helping us all learn, grow, and thrive.

2. Enhancing Library Resources

With the raised money through a fundraiser, libraries get to grab shiny new books, amp up their tech game, and keep the whole place cozy and welcoming.

Let’s be real, without these resources, our libraries would be in a bit of a pickle. We’d have a tough time serving up all those amazing resources that students, parents, and teachers rely on.

3. Building Community Connections

Library fundraisers pull folks from all corners of life into one big, friendly huddle.

These events are not just about money. They’re about building a warm, strong sense of community. People, from the youngsters to the young at heart, come together with a shared mission.

8 Amazing Library Fundraisers

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part, which is sharing some creative and engaging library fundraiser ideas that you can try in your own community.

1. Read-a-thon: Journey Through Books Library Fundraiser

It’s time for a Read-a-thon, an event that blends the joy of reading with the spirit of fundraising.

This is great for students of all ages to participate in. Before the big day, students get family and friends to make a pledge to donate a certain amount of money for each book they read. This can also include the number of pages for older students.

Then on a designated day, students get a little break from the daily lessons to do nothing but read! But it’s not going to be all silent reading. No way!

Fill the day with some fun and crazy reading activities. Guest read alouds, students reading with buddies, flashlight reading and other fun will make this a reading day that students won’t forget.

Through the all-day reading event make sure to include some movement breaks, some friendly class competitions, and even some updates as to how much has been read so far.

Once the day is done, students collect the donations based on the number of books or pages they read that day. You can also use an online platform like 99 Pledges to help bring all those pledges and donations into the 21st century.

What I love about this type of fundraiser is that everyone feels like they played a part in helping to reach the goal.

2. Storytelling Night: Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith

It’s a starry night, and the library is buzzing with excitement. The air is filled with anticipation, and the library’s doors are wide open for a magical evening of storytelling. Kids, parents, and even grandparents are all invited to be part of the enchantment. All that is needed is the purchase of a ticket for a small fee. And. . . letting people know what the money will be used for is a great way to get them excited about the event.

A storytelling night is a great addition to your library fundraiser because it gets everyone involved in thinking creatively and gets the whole family excited for a fun night out in your school library.

As the event begins, there’s a palpable sense of wonder. Children, some in cozy pajamas and clutching their favorite teddy bears, gather around in a circle on the library’s carpeted floor. The library’s reading nook transforms into a stage, awaiting the young storytellers.

One by one, kids step into the spotlight, their faces beaming with pride and excitement. They share their favorite tales, letting their imaginations run wild. The stories take on a life of their own as kids describe epic adventures, daring quests, and heartwarming moments. Laughter and applause fill the room as their stories unfold.

It’s not just the kids who get to have all the fun. The adults in the room are encouraged to join in too. Some share beloved classics, while others spin tales from their own experiences. There’s something truly magical about seeing parents and grandparents sharing stories with the same enthusiasm as the youngsters.

As the night unfolds, the library comes alive with the power of storytelling. It’s not just about raising funds. It’s about creating an everlasting memory, a shared experience that reinforces the library’s role as a haven for storytelling.

3. Trivia Night Library Fundraisers: Test Your Literary Knowledge

Get ready for a trivia night full of brain-teasing fun, laughter, and friendly rivalries. All in the name of supporting your library! It’s trivia night – family style!

As the event kicks off, teams that are made up of students and their families arrive. Each team pays an entry fee that covers the event plus more.

The family-friendly questions start flying, and the atmosphere crackles with excitement. Teams huddle, whispering fervently, scribbling answers on their notepads, and sometimes erupting into cheers or groans of frustration.

The library staff, often doubling as quizmasters, keep the excitement alive. They announce the questions, revel in the participants’ enthusiasm, and tally up the scores.

As the evening progresses, the anticipation builds toward the announcement of the winners.

And then, the moment of truth arrives. Prizes, often donated by local businesses or individuals, are awarded to the victors. Even for those who don’t clinch the top spot, the experience is a win.

4. Run a Contest Where Students Vote with Change

Spare change adds up fast when you hold a contest where students votes using only spare change.

This option is really versatile because you can do almost anything with it. The contest should be something that you can get your students excited about. The fundraising comes in the voting.

For this fundraiser, you will set up a contest. It might be one students participate in like designing a new school bookmark. Or it could just be something students are interested in like voting on which school staff member will lead the next school-wide read aloud in costume. Here are a few more ideas:

Whatever you choose, the fundraising starts when everyone starts voting. Simply have a container for each of the choices and let students bring in spare change to vote. With this fundraiser every penny matters!

You can have the winner chosen by the amount of money raised or by the weight of the money collected. Either way, the library wins and parents don’t feel like they are being fundraised to death.

5. Plan a Book Themed Auction

Holding an auction is a great way to raise money. Whether you run the auction on your own or add it to an already planned school event, like a carnival, there is a potential to raise a lot of money with an auction.

For a library auction, the only rule is that each item must have a book connection. This might sound hard, but when there are books out there on every possible subject, set in every possible location, the options really are endless.

Connect all the donations to a book for a fun-filled book themed auction event.

You can solicit donations from community members or have each class sponsor a basket based on the book of their choosing. Better yet – do both! This will fill your auction with a variety of items for people to bid on. And. . . make sure that you connect with parents of your students who own businesses too!

Running the Auction

When you are ready for your auction make sure to share the item and the book it is connected with to remind everyone why the auction is being held – to support the library. This fun twist could have your bidders bidding on things like “4 Tickets to the County Fair to See Wilbur and Charlotte” or “A 7-Day Vacation at the Home of Madeline – Paris!”

Once you have gathered the prizes you are ready to get your auction set up. You might choose to do it in person if you are coordinating with another activity. If you can, set a copy of each book out next to the item or basket.

An online auction is also a great option as you can reach potential bidders outside your local community. Companies like OneCause make online auctions easy to set up and manage. If you go this route, make sure to include book references or list the book that the item was based on. Then share the bidding platform website with students so they can share it with everyone they know. Near or far, people can bid when it is online.

Are You Ready to Get Fundraising?

These are just a taste of some of the fundraisers you can offer. Whether you are raising funds to afford an author visit or just stocking up on tech equipment, a fundraiser can be your answer.

And. . . they don’t have to be hard, complicated, or take a lot of your personal time. Be creative and have fun.

Save these Library Fundraising Ideas for Later

Remember to save this post to your favorite library or school Pinterest board for ideas for future library fundraisers!

Looking for fun ideas for a library fundraiser this year? These fun activities can be spread out throughout the school year to not only raise needed funds for library books and supplies, but can also bring together your entire community.

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