Graphic Novels for Elementary Readers – Picture Perfect Picks

Growing up, it seemed like the only reading materials that had pictures with captions were superhero comics. My brother loved reading them, so as the younger sister, I despised them. Sibling love, right? As I grew older and began helping other kiddos find their love of reading, I stumbled upon something in children’s literature: graphic novels! But here’s the deal my friend, not all graphic novels are created equal, especially for our younger readers. After combing through lots and lots of graphic novels I have some definite favorites! These are my “picture perfect picks” of graphic novels for elementary students.

When choosing graphic novels for our libraries we want to make sure we’re picking the ones that entertain, educate, and inspire little minds. Look for graphic novels that introduce young readers to diverse characters, ignite their imagination, and spark a real love for reading while also supporting new readers! Can you imagine the magic these books can bring? Join me as we uncover imaginative and impactful graphic novels that will fully impress your young readers!

Graphic Novels for Elementary Readers by Series

We’re about to jump into the amazing world of graphic novel series for elementary readers! These are not your ordinary books – they pack a punch with their amazing illustrations and captivating stories. And. . . when a young reader falls in love with one book in a series they will likely dive into the remaining books.

We’re going to check out several series that will keep your kiddos hooked from cover to cover!

Narwhal and Jelly by Ben Clanton Series

First, prepare your elementary readers for a seriously adorable graphic novel series: “Narwhal and Jelly”! This collection of books is all about the epic friendship between Narwhal and Jelly. Let me tell you, it’s a friendship that will warm your heart.

Narwhal is this super cool and imaginative creature of the sea, and Jelly is a practical and slightly skeptical jellyfish. Together, they dive into all sorts of wacky adventures and share hilarious conversations. Ultimately, showing us what true friendship is all about. With delightful illustrations and charming storytelling, “Narwhal and Jelly” is a series that will leave readers smiling from ear to ear.

Hilda by Luke Pearson Series

Your elementary readers will be transported to an enchanting world with the “Hilda” graphic novel series by Luke Pearson. This captivating collection of books introduces us to Hilda, a fearless and curious young girl who embarks on extraordinary adventures.

From encounters with magical creatures to thrilling journeys through mysterious landscapes, Hilda’s escapades will ignite your readers’ imaginations. With stunning illustrations and an immersive storyline, the “Hilda” series will whisk young readers away on an unforgettable journey. A journey filled with wonder, friendship, and the power of imagination.

Lunch Lady by Jarrett J. Krosoczka Series

Hold on to your lunch trays because the “Lunch Lady” graphic novel series serves up action-packed awesomeness for your elementary readers!

This hilarious and thrilling series introduces us to the undercover superhero, Lunch Lady. By day, she serves up delicious meals to students, but by night, she fights crime like a boss.

With her trusty gadgets and a sidekick, Lunch Lady takes on wicked villains while serving up laughs and tasty lunches. Packed with witty dialogue, exciting adventures, and epic lunchtime justice, the “Lunch Lady” series is a feast for all readers.

Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke Series

Time for an out-of-this-world adventure with the “Zita the Spacegirl” graphic novel series!

In this captivating series, readers follow the fearless Zita. As she explores, she discovers an intergalactic world full of strange creatures and thrilling escapades. From battling menacing aliens to embarking on daring quests, Zita’s journey will have readers on the edge of their seats.

With captivating storytelling and vibrant illustrations, the series also takes readers on an epic cosmic ride that celebrates bravery, friendship, and adventure.

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels by Geronimo Stilton

This adorably hilarious graphic novel is sure to be an instant favorite in your lower elementary classroom. It's a great graphic novel for elementary readers.

If your students already love Geronimo Stilton then they are going to adore this new graphic novel for elementary readers. Since students already love the characters there will be no problem getting this graphic novel series into their hands.

This all-new, full-color graphic novel by Geronimo Stilton is sure to be a big hit in your classroom or school library. And. . . a great way to connect reluctant readers or struggling readers who aren’t quite ready for the beginner chapter books.

Based on the popular book series, these graphic novels bring to life the daring escapades of Geronimo Stilton, the courageous mouse journalist. Join Geronimo and his lovable companions as they navigate thrilling mysteries, hilarious mishaps, and cheesy humor in their action-packed journeys.

These graphic novels will have you hooked from the first page to the last.

More Graphic Novels for Elementary Readers

Not all graphic novels need to be part of a series. Reading stand-alone graphic novels is a powerful activity for elementary readers in grades K-2. These unique books immerse readers into the stories or topics, boosting their comprehension, vocabulary, and visual literacy skills. Stand-alone graphic novels can be just as powerful a reading tool as graphic novels in a series.

A Goofy Guide to Penguins by Jean-Luc Coudray

In “A Goofy Guide to Penguins,” your readers will have some wacky and hilarious fun!

Your students will love "chillin" out with these adventurous graphic novels this year.

This graphic novel is your ultimate companion to the world of penguins, but hold your flippers! Because it’s not your ordinary, stuffy guide. Nope! It’s packed with all the goofiness and silliness you can imagine.

From quirky facts to hilarious illustrations, this book will make your readers laugh on the floor while also discovering some cool penguin secrets along the way.

It’s the perfect book for the animal lover or the student that loves to learn little-known facts. A great addition to any teacher’s winter or penguin unit too!

A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse by Frank Viva

Calling all adventure seekers! Buckle up because we’re going on a wild ride with “A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse”!

Join a young explorer and his friend Mouse on an epic journey as they explore the icy wonders of Antarctica. This graphic novel for elementary readers has awesome illustrations and cool facts that will blow your mind. Who knew that non-fiction could be so much fun?

Indeed, it’s like going on a real expedition without leaving your cozy spot.

Little Robot by Ben Hatke

Funny and beautifully illustrated, these graphic novels for elementary readers will be a fantastic addition to your primary classroom library this year.

In our next graphic novel for elementary readers, we enter into the charming and heartwarming world of “Little Robot”! This book follows the journey of a young girl who discovers a friendly and adorable robot. Together, they embark on a remarkable adventure filled with friendship, discovery, and a dash of excitement.

With colorful illustrations and a touching storyline, “Little Robot” will capture your readers’ imaginations and tug at their heartstrings. Be reminded of the power of connection and the wonders that can unfold when unlikely friends come together.

Sleepless Knight by James Sturm

Let’s dive into “Sleepless Night” by James Sturm, my dear fellow night owls! This graphic novel takes you on a relatable, sometimes frustrating, journey with our main character, who just can’t catch a wink of sleep.

Prepare to join them in tossing, turning, and all the funny situations arising from a sleepless night. With detailed artwork and a clever narrative, “Sleepless Night” captures the struggles and humor of being unable to sleep.

Balloon Toons: Zoe and Robot, Let’s Pretend! by Ryan Sias

Not only does this graphic novel include fantastically illustrated images, but also tells an adventurously creative story your students will love digging into. It's a great graphic novel for elementary readers.

Your young readers will tap into the power of imagination with this awesome graphic novel. “Balloon Toons: Zoe and Robot, Let’s Pretend!” by Ryan Sias follows the imaginative escapades of Zoe and her trusty robot companion.

They dive headfirst into a world of make-believe, where they can be anything they want. From exploring outer space to venturing into the deep sea, their pretend play knows no bounds.

With vibrant illustrations that bring their imaginative world to life, this book will spark their creativity and make them believe in the power of imagination.

Ready to Inspire the Next Wave of Elementary Readers with Graphic Novels?

There you have it, my friends! The hunt for highly recommended graphic novels for our elementary readers is a big deal. We’ve discovered how important it is to find these gems that can light up young imaginations! By picking out the best graphic novels, we give kids captivating stories, awesome characters, and mind-blowing illustrations that bring their reading adventures to life.

For more information about the benefits of reading graphic novels, make sure to check out my post Benefits of Graphic Novel: Explore the Power of Visual Storytelling.

Save Graphic Novels for Elementary Readers for Later!

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