When you tell your students that you are going to write poetry, do you typically have a few that are excited, but the majority let out an audible sigh? Students often have the misconception that poetry is about following a lot of rules and using words that they don’t understand. They’re more open and excited when the focus shifts toward sharing their ideas and feelings with others in a creative format. Many students have a favorite type of poetry that they are drawn to. I have some different poetry unit ideas for elementary students to show you today. Digital Poetry Activities  I especially like to use these Digital Poetry Activities this year because they are perfect to use for a poetry unit with students who are either learning virtually or in-person.  This digital poetry unit will have your students writing and enjoying poetry in no time! In this unit,
April is national poetry month and if you are not already sharing poetry with your students now is a great time to start. Some educators shy away from reading poetry to their students. Many students think poetry is boring and unexciting. When you tell the kids they are going to listen to some poetry they moan and groan. So what can you do to change this reaction? Read them these 10 poetry books for kids that they will LOVE. There are so many wonderful poetry books that it can be overwhelming. I like to start with poems that will make kids laugh. And there are plenty of silly and wacky poetry books. Many of them are by two authors that I’m sure you know very well: Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. You can’t go wrong by sharing poems from these two. So I am not including their books on my