Turkeys Digital Activities for Google Slides


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Teach your students about turkeys with these interactive and noprep digital activities. Students will work directly in Google Slides™ to complete the paperless activities. Share with your class using Google Classroom™, Google Slides™. Perfect to use during the month of November as part of your Thanksgiving lessons.

Students will read four nonfiction passages about turkeys. After each passage is a slide with questions for students to answer about the text. There are also graphic organizers and other review activities. Most of the slides have movable pieces so students can interact with the slides in some way.

What is included:

  • Slides 1-10: 4 nonfiction reading passages about turkeys, one vocabulary slide and one fast facts slide. After each passage is a slide asking students to respond to what they read.
  • Slide 11: KWL chart. Students will type their answers into the chart.
  • Slide 12: Fact or Opinion. Students will sort the statements about turkeys.
  • Slide 13: True or False sorting
  • Slides 14 and 15: Students will answer one of the four writing prompts.
  • Slide 16: Compare and contrast wild and tame turkeys.


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