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Get your students ready to research with these graphic organizers and templates! This packet provides you with the tools you need to teach students the research process. And it can be used with any research topic.

What is included:

  • My Research Topic (students write possible questions they have about the topic)
  • Think About Your Topic (students will write what they already know about their topic and what they want to know)
  • Plan of Attack (students will create a research plan including sources they can use to find their information, formulating their research questions and doing a quick scan of the sources to see how useful they may be)
  • Get to the Point (2 different graphic organizers for students to take notes on their topic. Includes a spot to summarize the main idea of the information)
  • What’s the Big Idea? (a way for students to focus their research by thinking about the big picture and the essential ideas related to their topic. Can be used to think about keywords they can use in their research as well)
  • Notes on Note-taking ( a brief overview of how to take notes and how to format their notes)
  • Note-taking pages (3 different pages for students to take notes)
  • Inquiry Chart (students can use this tool to gather information from several sources and to generate meaningful inquiry questions)
  • Research Project Overview (explains to students how they will use the graphic organizers to gather information about a topic)
  • Research Project Templates (seven different pages that students can use to present their research. Includes two different cover pages as well as different layouts so students can include writing and images related to their topic)
  • Bibliography (two fill-in pages for students to record their sources. This is based on the MLA style but does not follow their exact format)

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