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Teach your students non-fiction text features used in informational text. Use with Google slides and Google Classroom. These no-prep and paperless activities can be used to teach and review these important ELA standards and is perfect to use for test prep.

Text features reviewed:

  • types of print
  • captions
  • insets and sidebars
  • table of contents
  • index
  • glossary
  • title page
  • charts and graphs
  • labels
  • timelines
  • hyperlinks
  • bullets
  • diagram
  • map
  • text box

There are 17 slides included in this product. Look below for an overview.

  • Slides 1-6: students need to match a text feature with its definition and name. There are 3 text features on each slide.
  • Slide 7: Table of contents. Students will type in short answers to the questions.
  • Slide 8: Index. Students will type in short answers to the questions.
  • Slides 9 & 10: Headings. Students will type in a heading for each of the short nonfiction passages.
  • Slide 11: Reading a table. Students will type in short answers to the questions.
  • Slide 12: Students will identify the caption, heading and different types of print in a short nonfiction passage.
  • Slides 13 & 14: Charts and graphs. Students will move pictures to correctly answer questions after reading the chart and graph.
  • Slide 15: Diagram. Students will label the parts of a whale.
  • Slide 16: Online article. Students will read an online article and answer brief questions about the different text features.
  • Slide 17: Timeline. Students will label a timeline.

Advantages of using digital resources

  • Paperless. No need to print and laminate the task cards
  • Engages students
  • Helps build 21st-century learners
  • Can use with Chromebooks, laptops, computers, tablets, iPads or other mobile devices

Looking for a print version instead? Click here to see a similar activity to review nonfiction text features.


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