Internet Safety for Primary Students – Google Slides, SeeSaw


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Teach your youngest students how to stay safe online with this digital and interactive lesson for Google Slides or SeeSaw. Students will learn how to be responsible digital citizens, what makes a strong password, what to do if they are being cyberbullied, and what information is safe to share online. For students in kindergarten and first grade. This can be used during in-person learning or virtual learning.

What is included:

  • Google Slides slideshow of internet safety rules. There are 6 slides. There are no activities for students to complete on the slideshow. You can also print the slideshow and have a set of posters to display. The slides are sized 11 x 8.5. There is no SeeSaw activity for the slideshow.
  • Google slides activity: 7 slides that review the information from the slideshow. Each slide has movable images. Students do not need to type anything onto the slides.
  • SeeSaw activity that is identical to the Google Slides lesson. There is a preloaded link to save the activity directly to your SeeSaw library.

Please note: this is not an editable activity.

**Since there are only movable pieces to this activity, students can not use this on an iPad. Movable pieces do not work on an iPad (as far as I am aware).

This is very similar to my print Internet Safety Superheroes Activity Pack for Primary Students.



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