Digital Library Exit Tickets – Grades 3-5


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These digital exit tickets for Google slides will provide you with an informal measure of how well students have understood a topic or lesson. Exit slips also help you to plan future instruction and allow students to reflect on their learning.

These exit tickets are perfect to use with distance learning. You can share them through Google Classroom or other LMS platform like SeeSaw.

What is included in this product:

  • 26 exit tickets for students in 3rd – 5th grade
  • One question per Google slide
  • 4 blank slides (with the same design) to add your own text/question

Notes about this resource:

  • This is NOT an editable product
  • I inserted a yellow box in every spot students need to type. I did not insert a text box because I have heard from many customers that they prefer this method instead. So students will have to know how to insert a text box.
  • A few slides have movable pieces

Some of the topics the exit tickets review: what I learned and how is it important, what I need help with, participation response, vocabulary word I learned, facts I learned, reading response questions, fiction call numbers and the Dewey Decimal System.

Terms of Use

© Copyright Staying Cool in the Library. All rights reserved by author. This product is to be used by the original purchaser only. Copying for more than one teacher prohibited. Additional licenses are available at a discount. For librarians: you may use this product with all of your classes and students.


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