Back to School Library Orientation – PRINT Breakout Gr. 2/3


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Welcome students back to school with this fun and interactive print breakout. Students will review library rules and procedures while they work to solve three challenges. This is a great activity to use at the beginning of school or as a review midway through the year.

What is included in this product:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Scenario
  • 3 challenges in color
  • 3 challenges in black and white
  • Answer key
  • Certificate when breakout is complete

Challenge 3 is the only section that is editable. This challenge can be used for library rules and procedures. Since these are different for every library, I wanted to provide you a way to customize it for your library. There are directions on how to do this.

Skills Reviewed:

  • Challenge 1 reviews general library rules (listen to the librarian, return your books on time, be kind and respectful, keep the bookshelves neat and tidy, work together with your classmates, and check out your books before leaving).
  • Challenge 2 reviews the difference between fiction and nonfiction books. Students will read a brief book description and decide what kind of book it is.
  • Challenge 3 reviews library rules and procedures. The ones I provide are rather generic and may work for most libraries. However, this is the challenge that can be edited to suit your needs.

Additional notes:

I estimate this breakout to take about a half hour to complete.
I recommend using it with second and third-graders.
The breakout can easily be completed in multiple class periods. Or you can do it as a whole-group activity to save time.

The content is identical to my How to Be a Good Library Citizen – Digital Breakout for Primary Students


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