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Use this Google digital resource to teach your students how to use text to determine the author’s purpose for writing. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the 3 different types of author’s purpose: persuade, inform, and entertain or PIE. Includes a Google Slides introduction and practice presentation and separate Google Slides review activities.

Overview of the activities:

Google Slides Presentation – use this activity in presentation mode. This is NOT an editable resource.

  • Slides 1-8 review the three types of author’s purpose and provide examples for students. Persuade, inform, and entertain. The PIE acronym is used to help students remember.
  • Slides 9-26 are review slides. These slides are set up like a review game.
  • Students will read 6 different passages and then decide what the author’s purpose is. They will choose from the 3 options: persuade, inform, entertain.
  • If they choose the wrong answer, they are shown a “try again” slide. If they choose the correct answer they can proceed to the next question.

Google Slides Activities

  • 11 slides
  • Slide 1: students type in examples of each type of author’s purpose. They will need to insert text boxes.
  • Slide 2: students will sort examples of each type of author’s purpose. There are 4 examples for each type. There are movable pieces.
  • Slide 3: Students will read a short passage and label it. There are movable pieces.
  • Slides 4-11: 7 author’s purpose reading passages
  • Slide 4 is a directions slide. Students will read each passage, and highlight words and phrases in the passage that provide clues about the author’s purpose. They will select the author’s purpose and type a short statement to explain their answer. Highlighting strips are included for students to use.


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