What is a book tasting?  A book tasting is one of the best reading motivation activities I have ever come across. If you’ve never done one before then start planning one now! You won’t regret it. Why are book tastings so wonderful? You can do a book tasting with all grade levels from early elementary to high school.  Students are introduced to books that they would never look at on their own. It is a way to expose students to different genres. It is a way to showcase the books that no one checks out but that you know are awesome. Students are excited about READING!!! As librarians and teachers, one of the best feelings in the world is seeing a reluctant reader find that book that really grabs them. The one book that will begin to show them just how much fun reading can be. Hopefully this will
March 2nd is fast approaching, better known as Read Across America Day. I have always loved Dr. Seuss’ books. I love the crazy made-up words and his wacky characters. So once I became a librarian I knew that I wanted to celebrate his birthday with my students. Over the years I have done all sorts of activities including poster contests, trivia games, guest readers and spirit days to name a few. I am always looking for new ideas and I thought I would share with you a roundup of what I have found. I also created a list of some of the things I have done over the years as well as suggestions from my Staying Cool in the Library Facebook group. If you haven’t joined yet you definitely should. With over 3,000 members it is an invaluable resource for school librarians. You can download the list at the