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Students will practice their research skills using these research task cards. The questions were created using the World Book Online Encyclopedia Kids Edition. They come in both print and digital versions. The digital is for Google Slides.

Print Version

  • These research task cards all have an animal theme.
  • There are 2 worksheets/task cards per page. There are 10 individual task cards.
  • Each of these task cards/worksheets has 3 statements on them. One of the statements is false and two of the statements are true.
  • Students need to look up the answers in the online encyclopedia or the internet.
  • Once the student figures out which statement is false, they need to re-write the false statement to make it true.
  • Students can write their answers directly on the task card/worksheet. Or you can have students write their answers on the recording sheet (so you do not have to make as many copies).

Digital Version

  • The content is identical to the print version.
  • There are 10 slides. Each slide has 3 statements about an animal. Two of the statements are true and one is false (a fib). Students must look up the statements in the encyclopedia to find out which statement is the fib. On some slides, students may have to do more than one search.
  • Once students determine which statements are true and which ones is false, they will move a thumbs-up or thumbs-down picture in front of the statement.
  • At the bottom of every slide is a spot for students to make the fib into a truth. Students will need to insert a text box and type their answers onto the slide.
  • You can also have students write their answers on a recording sheet. I provided one for you to use. If you do not want to share the task cards through Google Classroom, then you will want to use the recording sheet.


To create the questions, I used the World Book Online Encyclopedia Kids version. However, I think that most of the questions could be answered using other reference sources or other internet sites.

Special Note

World Book Online is a paid subscription. You must subscribe to it in order to use it. Purchasing this product does not give you the right to use World Book Online unless you have a paid subscription.

Terms of Use

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