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Teach and review library manners with your kindergarten and first grade students with this digital lesson for Google Slides. These activities can easily be used during in-person instruction as well. If you are using this activity during distance learning, I provided a Google slides file with audio directions. I also include a file without audio directions. Use whichever one you need.

I created these activities to be used after a read-aloud of a library theme book. I can not provide a link to have a book read aloud to students due to copyright restrictions. You will need to create your own read-aloud video, read the book to the students yourself during a live meeting or find an eBook version. There is a spot for you to include a link to the video for your students to watch.

Note: There is a YouTube video that goes along with the book Manners in the Library. It is an official video from the author and publisher. I included a slide with a link to this video if you want to use it.

Overview of the activities:

  • Activity 1: You will insert a link to a video read-aloud if you are not able to read this book in person.
  • Activity 2: Student will choose pictures that show students acting respectfully.
  • Activity 3: This is a reminder to students to say please and thank you when speaking to someone.
  • Activity 4: Students will match a picture to the library rule it is showing.
  • Activity 5: This is about how to follow social distancing when visiting the library. The student will match a picture to the rule.
  • Activity 6: this is an editable slide. I wanted to provide you with a chance to add your own special library rules that apply to your situation. You can edit the directions on this slide and the text on the accompanying activity slide. I did not create an activity for this slide specifically. I thought that you could use these slides to type your own rules. Examples: the librarian will bring books to your classroom for you to choose from. Only 5 students from your class will be allowed in the library at a time. At the bottom of this slide is a link to a jigsaw puzzle.


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